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  1. No more Boss 302 for 2nd day of Track Attack School after 2019

    Posting this here in the main area so those that are signed up for the 2nd day school make sure they do everything they can to make it out!! :) I am going very soon for my second round of Track Attack School (went once for my GT350, 2nd time for my R) and I was told by the School that they...
  2. Trakktape over stripes?

    Just wondering if it's OK to stick trakktape over the stripes with no issues of the stripes peeling up? Just making sure it's OK. I will be using trakktape for the ride home and until I can get the car to PPF (which will now be longer due to the extended delivery date).
  3. Orange Fury R for $5K over Deal- <Back up!>

    A salesman called me today that I've used in the past and he has a Orange Fury R that just arrived this morning. He offered it to me for $5K over, but since my LB is on the way I'm going to pass this along. This car has the electronics package and black painted roof. My salesman was eager...
  4. GT350 running hard on track photo share

    I got this off one of the track facebook pages, if this is you, you're running it like a champ! What a killer shot! Everyone knows that Lightning Blue/white stripes is the fastest! ;)
  5. Base R's- 3 Available in Orlando!!

    I wanted to share my discovery that Sun State Ford in Orlando, Florida has ordered 3, yes three Base package GT350R's and they have all been produced and are awaiting shipment at this time! Interestingly enough, they are consecutive VIN's also, so this may be a rare opportunity for a...
  6. One less GT350R on the road

    First off, I hope everyone is OK from this accident. I saw these pics on another forum and thought I would share. Cockpit seems intact so I'd say if the occupants had their seat belts on, they did fine. Car is in Maryland...
  7. Traded my GT350 to dealer, wait is on for R

    So I've had an R order in for about 7-8 months now, and my R order is scheduled to start production next week, so I have been trying to decide whether I needed to sell my GT350 outright or whether it would be worthwhile to trade my GT350.. of course, this would depend on the value of my GT350 at...
  8. Ford Performance closed today

    Called to check my R order status and got a message that Ford Performance is shut down today due to a Winter Storm Warning!! Damn it!! So, looks like my car is delayed at least another day. :lol: In the meantime, I'm taking the GT350 out for lunch today in 80 degree weather. :cool:
  9. Best GT350 review yet?

    I enjoyed it! Check it out.. [ame]
  10. 2017 GT350 Lightning Blue White OTT 1800 miles

    Looks like my R will be coming in a few months so putting up my Absolute Mint 2017 GT350 for sale. One owner, like new and adult owned, always garaged and only driven on weekends during nice weather. Car looks nicer than new and is absolutely perfect everywhere. Car was purchased about 8 months...
  11. High Resolution "R" Badge file?

    Wanting to print something large out for my garage, does anyone have a high resolution Red "R" Badge file? PM me with what you got. Much appreciated!
  12. 2018 Model- Black Roof w/Stripes available again but with a twist

    Was on the Ford configurator early this morning, and it appears that you can add the black roof again combined with stripes.. but NOW they are putting the stripes over the black! Check out the pics from the ford website- what do you guys think?
  13. Rarest new color for 2018?

    I'm seeing a lot of Lead Foot and I've seen a few Orange Fury's so it seems like Kona may be the rarest so far for 2018? Obviously this is just my observation, wondering what you guys are seeing and thoughts on this.
  14. Asking price advice- 2017 GT350 w/1800 miles

    Looking for advice on fair market value to sell my 2017 GT350 with 1800 miles. Car is 100% mint, not tracked, and has been perfect everywhere. KBB and the market is all over. Considering the sticker was $61K ($60,895) plus dealer fee, I'm not sure what to ask. Dealer offered me...
  15. 2018 R Orders for 2018 Delivery- Info?

    Just curious for those that have 2018 R orders in, has anyone received any further information on production time and potential delivery? I'm also curious as to the highest # 2018 R we've seen roll out as of now, but I know that's hard to figure out. Hopefully they make these earlier than...
  16. Poll: How many R owners bought a non-R first?

    This is for GT350/350R owners- Curious to see how everyone feels on this subject. For those posting under "bought a GT350 first, then realized I wanted an R", this includes that you became willing to pay the price for what it takes to get the R when you weren't at first. Makes sense to add...
  17. 2018 Orange Fury GT350R

    First one I've seen at a dealer! Glad to see the 2018's finally landing. This one is JR#44. While it's not my cup of tea, I'll bet someone on here is looking for one. The guy that forwarded me the pics is Frank Kudlac (513-696-1147) at Lebanon Ford in Ohio, he said there is a markup on the...
  18. Dealers ordering Black or Grey R's in Florida

    I've been in the hunt for an R for a long time, and there's one thing I've noticed... it seems like most of my in-state dealers are ordering Black or Grey R's for unsold cars coming in. As a matter of fact, the only R's I seen in person at dealers over the past year for sale have been either...
  19. More R pricing lunacy

    I've been following a R order that as coming into a local dealer for the last 3 months, and it's finally arrived. 3 months ago, the dealer wanted $20K over plus required a $10K non-refundable deposit for the car . I was not willing to do that, so figured I'd just keep an eye on the car for...
  20. 2018 Model will be "I" Chassis?

    Do we know this for sure? "I" is the logical letter, but I could see them skipping it to go to "J" since "I" is kind of like a "1".