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  1. what do you think of this super charger set up?

    Do you have the booster too?
  2. what do you think of this super charger set up?

    https://www.beefcakeracing.com/bfspecs550stage2bov https://www.beefcakeracing.com/torque-booster-2011mustang/ I am just looking for the cool factor and a little more go fast. I daily drive my 2017 convertible during the summer. Sometimes she will go for a 500-mile trip. It looks pretty cool to...
  3. Has anyone combined an H-pipe with an axle-back? Did you regret it?

    I have the rough h pipe and the Borla touring axel back. It’s pretty quiet until you don’t want it to be. It sounds awesome.
  4. Supercharger....which one?

    I like the noise
  5. Supercharger....which one?

    I am looking at superchargers. I want to do it just because it sounds cool. I do not plan on tracking the car huge hp gains are cool but not my focus. I want to still be able to road trip the car and not have to fuss with it after the installation. I like the way the root type has instant...
  6. Axle-back convertible install

    Thanks, the car is still in storage so I couldn't just look.
  7. Axle-back convertible install

    Do I need to remove the convertible bracing to install a Borla axle-back kit?
  8. Sport Cat Back Exhaust that sounds good Top UP/Down : Corsa Sport vs Borla S-Type vs Ford Performance Sport

    Which Magnaflow I added the Roush H pipe and am looking for a little more noise.
  9. Best suspension upgrades for verts

    I started with the recommended spacer and Steeda sent out a bigger one. I think 3/8. I am not sure if I still have the documentation
  10. Best suspension upgrades for verts

    People mention it.
  11. Best suspension upgrades for verts

    Yes even with spacers
  12. Best suspension upgrades for verts

    I went this route. The ass end of my car sits a little lower than the front
  13. Lowering Springs for Convertible?

    Steedia parts here.
  14. 2017 convertible with smartTOP module

    Hello all, iI checked, and the 6g code does not work. They mentioned they could do something if I could get few people interested. Any interested folks out there?
  15. Lowering Springs for Convertible?

    What do you think about going with coil overs instead of springs or springs and struts?
  16. Lowering Springs for Convertible?

    I was thinking a little closer to an inch
  17. Lowering Springs for Convertible?

    how much of a drop will I get?
  18. 2019 GT Best Lowering Springs

    What would you guys suggest for a mild drop on a 2017? 255/40 285/35/19