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  1. Modifying As-Built Data Guide

    It isn't if you have an Ecoboost.
  2. Is tire blooming (browning) a real thing?

    Totally normal from any make/type of tire. Accelerated with tire shine dressings. Just washing won't usually get it all off so all purpose cleaner and scrub brush as mentioned earlier will do the trick but if you really want to take the nuclear option and not look back dedicated tire cleaners...
  3. GT500 inner CV half shaft rebuild for serious track users

    Huh, that was unexpected. I'm not saying you're wrong but I am curious as to why that is? I use that grease for something completely different and I'm curious if it might end up being the same properties. We use it in applications up to about 200C and mostly because it doesn't evaporate or...
  4. RAPID RED S550 MUSTANG thread

    They've been doing if for decades, every candy coat color works on the same principle. Factory thee stage paints are the equivalent. When it goes for bodywork, the tech will spray a few test panels with the base and different thicknesses of the tint coat to see which one matches the best they...
  5. Deck lid scratchs

    Start with a lighter polish first to see if it works. I got most of the scratches out of mine using Carpro Reflect/Essence level of polish but the heaviest waterspots ended up taking Clearcut.
  6. Are Engine Covers Standard? (2023 Fastback EcoBoost Premium)

    The only improvement was the realization that it wasn't going to contribute to sales and they could save a buck.
  7. BMR CB007 & CB762 fitment issues/help

    This is the part of aftermarket parts they don't tell you about in the commercial. If after you loosen everything involved you can't get all the parts to agree on a middle ground, you then have to resort to the school of smack it, grind it, file it and bend it.
  8. Lifespan of a 5.0

    Only right after the 2K rattle and BBQ tick happen and you don't immediately add Ceratec.
  9. How do I shift better/faster?

    I always wondered why so many people posted with terrible MT82 stories here, figured either I got lucky twice or the SROD and T5 variants scarred me for life and I just had low standards. But after reading some people's responses I think I understand now, some of y'all just can't be trusted...
  10. RAPID RED S550 MUSTANG thread

    Ford works great but the includes brushes blow. Get some real brushes and it works much better.
  11. A theory

    Just because the S550 has vibration dampeners doesn't mean every other counter-point brought up isn't right, they mostly are. And those vibration dampeners aren't engineering fails, they solve a problem within a budget. Those rear diff bushings seem to work for the other 99% of cars they built...
  12. How do I shift better/faster?

    I agree, as far as I knew it was just in the Mach 1. Owners manual only has it in the Mach 1 supplement. That and it came with the FP tune which is very similar to the Mach 1. Also, I tried it and it didn't seem to work although I might have lifted out of habit. I had a hard time using this...
  13. How do I shift better/faster?

    I guess I should add, you know you're on the right track when you normal shifts don't jerk or slow you down. It should be a momentary lag in acceleration followed by an immediate uptake with no abrupt movement of RPM on clutch let out. All the same principles apply even when you're not at WOT.
  14. How do I shift better/faster?

    Smooth is fast. You have to stay on the gas but not enough to cook the clutch or blast the drivetrain abusively. Practice matching to the next gear on your regular, around town shifts and the whole thing will smooth out when done quickly as well. Once done correctly, it will be a partial...
  15. Evap leak location found where could it be

    It definitely isn't. My dealership tried to charge me $600 to do the EVAP valve on my Ecoboost. May have made them a handsome profit but it lost them a future car sale and all future business from myself.
  16. CEL after oil change and gas

    Ok kiddies, pay close attention. If you disconnect ANY terminal from the battery the circuit ceases to be and all arguments of what components are at what potential are moot. You can disconnect any terminal you like first and the moment you do, nothing in the car has any electrical potential...
  17. CEL after oil change and gas

    Well, OP had a bad day and now his car is fixed and he got free entertainment. These have to be some of the dumbest things I've ever heard and I worked on electrical systems for a decade. I thought I'd heard it all.
  18. Rear Diffuser

    Call me crazy, but doesn't it look like the one that's already on there?
  19. 4G Modem Disabling Instructions:

    The production shortage modem and the one we are referencing are different things. The opt out one allowed mobile hotspot which I never knew was an option for Mustang. The other modem allows the sync connectivity and FordPass, you won't miss it when it's gone unless you love your FordPass app.
  20. 4G Modem Disabling Instructions:

    Not sure, but I disabled my '22 using just the previously mentioned fuse. FordPass still shows me at the location where it was removed.