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  1. Kentucky 2016 California Special wheels and tires

    Bump for fair offers
  2. Rohana RC9’s on my ruby red CS

    Sorry i meant 35
  3. Rohana RC9’s on my ruby red CS

    I went 305/30 rear and 275/35 front
  4. Rohana RC9’s on my ruby red CS

    Made a swap from my Cali Special oem’s (which are for sale btw). I went with Rohana RC9’s 20x10 and 20x11. 275/35 and 305/35 Pirelli P Zero AS for rubber. I think it turned out pretty well. I paint matched my calipers while at it just for good measure.
  5. GT or EB

    ^Pretty much covers it all. I’ve owned 20 mustangs since age 18 and bought my first non v8 last fall, a 19 EB. Couldn’t fathom DD’ing a v8 at $3 a gallon and the EB had more hp and tq than half my first GT’s or Cobras. 24 mpg city sure didn’t hurt either. Everytime I cranked it up, the...
  6. Detail Spray

    Yep I mentioned it on page 1. It’s $10 at Advance and you can save $2 by ordering online as they always have a 20% off code.
  7. Kentucky 2016 California Special wheels and tires

    Swapped out my 19” oem’s for a custom set. These have tpms and pirelli p zero tires with 40-50% tread. Three small curb rashes and one has a pothole bump on the back edge (does not effect handling, ride or air holding). Prefer local pick up in West KY but will work with you on shipping...
  8. Kentucky 15-17 C&L cold air intake

    In very good shape, bought and never used. $135 plus shipping. Paypal gladly accepted. Comes only with what is pictured. Check my feedback under “coolcobramatt” on ebay or svtperformance.com
  9. Dr. Beasley’s Microsuede Cleaner

    Another tried and true technique (from the alcantara days) is to use Woolite mixed with water roughly 1 part Woolite to 4 parts water. Spray it on lightly and agitate with a terry towel. It works wonders! Be sure and test anything you try first in an inconspicuous area.
  10. Detail Spray

    Chemical Guys Synthetic Spray Detailer or V07, I also use Lucas Spray Wax.
  11. Michigan Roush cat back and mak cat delete

    Dont guess the catback will fit a vert will it?
  12. Texas FS: BNIB K&N Drop-In Air Filter for 2015-2020 Mustang

    Thanks for the deal! Leave me some feedback and Ill do the same for you.
  13. Kentucky WTB Ferrada fr2 silver

    Looking for a set in titanium silver. With or without tires for a 16 GT.