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  1. newmoon

    Mustang vs ZLE

    Please show me these where the reviewers picked the ZL1 over the 350R.
  2. newmoon

    Mustang vs ZLE

    The ZL1 lost the comparison because the R is simply the better car, like it has lost nearly every h2h comparison on the internet.
  3. newmoon

    2020 Shelby GT500 and GT350 Dealer Allocation

    Anyone have any leads on leftover 2020 models at MSRP?
  4. newmoon

    2021 GT500 Order Banks Now Open! List Your Order

    Any price increases over the 2020 base model or options?
  5. newmoon

    Considering Selling my Boss 302 to purchase a GT350

    I did exactly what you are considering a few years back. No regrets at all, the 350 is a superior car in every way! I would suggest purchasing a 2019+ up model. Problem I have now is I want more power. Do I add a Whipple or move up to a GT500.
  6. newmoon

    Stangmode looking at buying Heritage GT350

    He needs to just go away.
  7. newmoon

    Help! I am not in love with the GT350R Sound!

    I will admit it, I too miss the sound of my 13 Boss 302, it sounded nasty everywhere in the RPM band. Turn up the volume and enjoy this video.
  8. newmoon

    New 2020 GT350 HEP engine failure

    13 pages of 2020 HEP Package engine failures. This should help your resale values. I've had my 19 for around 18-months, no issues at all. Getting ready for the 1st oil change. I am always checking my oil level (hasn't used any thus far) and ensuring the car is properly warmed up prior to...
  9. newmoon

    so many used 2020 GT500's are for sale now...seems odd to me, 76 of them posted on Autotrader alone.

    I absolutely love my present GT350 color, stance, handling, and attitude. No other domestic vehicle in its price range which is NA and a manual, can check all the boxes IMO. That being said if a fair deal under MSRP becomes available on a handling pack GT500, I could make the move the same way...
  10. newmoon

    so many used 2020 GT500's are for sale now...seems odd to me, 76 of them posted on Autotrader alone.

    Maybe folks trying to jump ship before the 2021 models hit the streets and it drops off the values of 2020 models both dealer leftovers and used. If your thinking about a sell now would be the time to do it.
  11. newmoon

    2020 Shelby GT350 Engine Replacement (Dropped Valve)

    I get it, this must be aggravating. I purchased a new 2020 Ram Ecodiesel and at 1200 miles it had a egr system problem that had the truck in the shop for 20+ days due to parts being on backorder. I was frustrated that my brand new truck that is essentially my small business office was now down...
  12. newmoon

    My Bolt on 2018 Mustang GT vs 2021 Camaro ZL1

    I see the other forum finally got to you ha? Actually i think coming out of a GT the ZL1 A10 is a great improvement. I looked hard at them a few months back, there were some really nice deals at that time. While the A10 was really fast under hard acceleration I found it a bit sedate when not...
  13. newmoon

    2015-2018 Voodoo Gen 1 vs 2019-2020 Gen 2

    To the Op, Are you planning on intentionally grenading your Gen I to get a warranty Gen II like many have done?
  14. newmoon


    I agree they are not worth the investment in a hp/$$$ comparison. I'd consider a CF driveshaft or lightweight wheels a better investment.
  15. newmoon

    Worth Upgrading to a GT350 over Camaro SS?

    If you can't tell the difference in performance between a SS and GT350 you should probably So you can buy out your lease for 25k, how much have you already spent in the lease? That is the true price of the Camaro.
  16. newmoon

    GT350 needing new tires at 2k miles. Should I be concerned?

    Exactly! The Cup 2s on the 19+ and Rs look almost bald right from the start. If the salesman doesn't know what he is actually looking at he could easily be mistaken.
  17. newmoon

    Anyone else's s550 mirrors do this?

    Good to see that you are keeping up the good fight over on the other site :).
  18. newmoon

    Speed Phenom is selling his GT500 CFTP...

    Good for him having gotten the car sold. Congrats to the new buyer.
  19. newmoon

    [Locked due to politics] Student debt cancelation. Seems there are strong opinions against it from some.

    Not one cent of my taxes should include any payment of student loans to anyone period. You agreed to take out the student loans for school, it is your debt and not mine. The Democrat party is simply buying votes. If they want to extend payment terms or lower interest rates that is fine just...