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  1. Front/Rear Sway Bars- what’s the proper setup?

    Okay, I’m a novice in this area. I’m looking at making my car handle better. Want more of a Porsche feel than a straight line drag car. I’m looking into getting front and rear sway bars for my 2015 V6. How would I set them up? Adjustable ones have three positions with most saying the middle...
  2. V6 Exhaust

    It’s been a few weeks now and the sound just gets better and better. It will sound like a V6 in drive, but once in sport it transforms into something else. I can’t say it sounds like a V8 but it’s as close as I’ll get without buying one. It sounds really badass without the loud bangs or pops...
  3. V6 Exhaust

    Here’s a few sound clips I did today. Enjoy!
  4. UPDATE:"Miss Maggie” P-51 Tribute

    Well all the clips wouldn’t download but there’s a few here. I’ll see if I can edit the parked one. If so I’ll post it when I can .
  5. UPDATE:"Miss Maggie” P-51 Tribute

    Here’s the sound clips of my new Borla S-Type fat back Exhaust system. I have clips in park, and moving with windows down and up. Let me know your thoughts as I am new with the video clips lol.
  6. V6 Exhaust

    I got a Borla Stinger S-type cat back exhaust system for my 2015 V6. The install was very quick and the sound is amazing. I’ve spent the last 8 years thinking about getting one, watched probably 100 videos with various exhaust systems and setups. I didn’t have the money though so that was the...
  7. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Well I did this today. Finally added a Borla S-Type Cat back exhaust system! It sounds fantastic and is perfect for me!! Posting pics here and on my build page, will post sound clips as well soon.
  8. UPDATE:"Miss Maggie” P-51 Tribute

    I got a new plate and a Borla S-Type Exhaust! Finally a power upgrade and it sounds perfect! I’ll post some sound clips soon!
  9. Need to get exhaust installed NY

    Thanks all, I’ll be looking into your suggestions. It looks like the system will be here by early next week so we’ll see what I am able to do. I really appreciate the responses as they are very helpful.
  10. Need to get exhaust installed NY

    It’s a legal exhaust system. Direct bolt on. Nothing illegal about it.
  11. Need to get exhaust installed NY

    I just bought a Borla Stinger S-Type CAT back exhaust for my 15 Mustang. Wanted to know if anyone knows a good installer near the Middletown, Newburgh NY area? Please let me know and any suggestions would be great key appreciated.
  12. Side stripes

    I have a question. Does anyone know or have side stripes with FORD spelled out towards the rear of the stripe? I always see letters on the side front, but I did see one image like I described and I can’t find it anywhere. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. How much HP possible?

    How much HP can we expect to see Normally Aspirated in our V6’s? Including mods such as a tune, exhaust, headers, CAI, CF Driveshaft, and running 93 octane? I’m curious as these are the mods lm thinking of doing on my 15 V6
  14. Custom Badge

    Here’s mine
  15. Whats your thought on side scoops?

    The scoops and spoiler were the first mods when I got my 2015. I’d looked carefully and found I liked the Cervinis Side scoops better than the Roush as they were bigger and well everyone who wanted side scoops was putting the Roush ones on. I also felt they go with the aviation theme I’m doing...
  16. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Took off the Pony center caps on my 18” Foundry wheels and put ones with the Ford logo on them. Since I’m doing a tribute to the P-51 Mustang, I feel the Ford logos go better with the overall theme.
  17. ALL Photoshop Requests Thread

    Oh thank you so much! I truly appreciate it!!
  18. Mach 1 Front Bumper - anyone making one yet?

    I want one as well(15-17), but I’d like it to be able to incorporate the fog lights. I purposely ordered the car with them because I need the extra light. I don’t wish to go backwards lol.
  19. ALL Photoshop Requests Thread

    Can anyone photoshop the custom emblem from my 2015 Mustang P-51D Tribute car onto the S650 I “made” below? Plus add a thin white stripe on the outsides of the black stripes also as on my current car? I’m curious to see it.
  20. Have you and your Mustang influenced others to own one?

    I’ve always gotten compliments on my 15 Mustang, especially once I put the spoiler, side scoops on, then again after I got the GT upper/lower grill, custom deck lid badge and the stripes. She’s 7 years old and still gets lots of looks and comments. I know of only one person though who bought...