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  1. is this a genuine ford mustang key?

    Im nervous about buying a knockoff mustang key from ebay. I need 2 keys but Im only buying one from the dealership for $175. The one in the pics looks legit but I want to make sure. Im saving like $70 on the key in the pics.
  2. steering wheel airbags all the same 2015-17 ?

    Just wondering if all 2015-17 steering wheel airbags are the same? or do I need to find the exact part #
  3. mustang widebody

    I talked to the owner real quick. said he bought it from a woman in texas. I thought it looked good at first but I hate widebody kits.
  4. 60s mustang 289 id. need help

    Im looking for a 65-67 mustang 289 engine to rebuild. I dont know much about the 60s mustang, only 95+. I have one crappy pic of the numbers from a 289 that is for sale locally. I just want to figure out if its a real 65-67 mustang engine so I can possibly buy it.
  5. 2015 v6 ECM swap . decoding ECM

    Hi, I have a 2015 v6 auto. I bought the car as a project and the ECM got lost when I cleaned out my garage. Dealership wants $750 for a new one plus $250 per key fob and $ for reprograming my car. So I want to buy a used ECM and get PATS disabled by parts farm for $300. The dealership said the...