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  1. Sound Shuts Off After Android Auto Use

    Hi! 2017 GT Premium 8" screen, Sync 3.4 version 22251. When I use Android Auto and use any music/streaming app, when I disconnect my phone, the audio system is off. This is not the case with my wife's 2018 Escape Sync 3.1. I can't find any setting for this. Is this just how it works?
  2. Odd FM Reception Problem after sub install

    I installed the subwoofer kit from OEMAudio+ in my 2017 GT Premium last weekend. It's a nice setup, it sounds good and the only permanent mod to the vehicle is a cut in the firewall plug. That said, I know have serious FM reception problems. Stations that are normally strong are now very weak...
  3. Replace Door Speakers Or Rear Deck Speakers?

    I bought a set of Focal RCX-165s, intending to put them in the rear deck, but I'm wondering if they'd be better in the doors. I have the 9 speaker setup, and as anyone with it knows, when you fade to the back, there is almost no sound. I'm wondering if it's the speakers or the signal the DSP is...
  4. Ford Gold Certified (CPO Gold)

    Does anyone have experience with this? I purchased a Gold Certified Mustang, but my FordPass app shows no warranty. Neither does the Ford check my coverage web site. I'm used to ESP where any dealer runs the VIN and the coverage shows up. Is my vehicle not registered properly? I have the...
  5. Massachusetts Husky Liners 2015-2022 Mustang $80 shipped

    Set of four Husky WeatherBeater floor liners for 2015-2022 Mustang, all models. Excellent condition. One small mark on the driver's side logo. On MA/NH border.
  6. Massachusetts JLT Performance Cold Air Intake and BAMA Rev-X Tuner for 2015 - 2017 Mustang GT asking $150

    These are used items from a car I just purchased. AFAIK, the tuner is unlocked, if you look at the picture of the tuner, it does not offer to return to stock indicating it's unlocked. I can't guarantee it isn't locked, you may have to call BAMA and have it unlocked. This package is $750 new...
  7. Chips from blade decklid spoiler

    I recently purchased a 2017 GT Premium that came with the standard blade decklid spoiler and it has two rather large chips in the paint at either end of the spoiler. It doesn't feel loose. Is this a normal thing for these blades? Is there anything I can do to prevent this?
  8. Summer Only Tires Question

    I'm taking delivery of a 2017 GT Premium with the 19" wheels this week. I've read all of the Ford and tire manufacturers recommendations. Ford recommends that you don't use these tires below 19 degrees and in fact recommends that you store them somewhere heated. It's obvious these tires will be...