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  1. Deleting magneride issues…

    So basically I have a 2019 PP2 that I have idiotically decided as my base for my latest drift car build. We just got done installing coilovers and angle kit as well as SDE magneride delete resistors front and rear and did the associated ride height calibration via a snap on scan tool as...
  2. My GT500 story

    Story time y’all.... I was never really that into cars until one night in 2005 I was upstairs probably playing LEGO Star Wars or something lol. I remember going downstairs to get a snack and what i saw on the tv screen was a sleek grey bodyline and Nicolas Cage talking to a car.... I immediately...
  3. Looking for a car @90k Otd or less.

    I know it’s a long shot but my order for my 2020 apparently never had a allocation to begin with. I’m currently looking for a car available right now. My maximum budget is $90,000 OTD with TTL. My must have options are tech package, and handling package. Car must be either white, or rapid red.
  4. 2021 Ordering?

    So I’m going up to the dealership on Monday to order a 2021. I have a 2020 order but at this point I’m unsure if my dealership ever had the allocation I was promised to begin with.(order back in March and have been on material hold ever since) So I will keep that order if by some miracle it...
  5. Any leads on a reasonable price???

    Any leads on a car with a VIN/build date or one already produced for MSRP or low markup?? (No more than $3k) I know it’s a long shot but my current order hasn’t changed status yet and I’m starting to worry it might not get produced this year.
  6. Any word on when production will resume??

    So we’ve blown past the previous timeline of when the flat rock plant and when production was supposed to resume. And who knows how long they will continue to build respirators instead of cars. Does anyone have any info on when things might start back up???
  7. How will I know when my VIN is issued?

    So my car is currently “Unscheduled/material hold”, I’m just curious how I be made aware once my VIN is actually issued???
  8. Texas 2018 Lightning blue GT350

    2018 GT350 NO OIL CONSUMPTION EDITION 1st owner of the car had it since 9 miles and car was broken in properly per the owner’s manual. Car has ZERO oil consumption issues, I still check it every 2 weeks but the car can go from oil change to oil change (3k miles) and not loose a drop. The car...
  9. 2021 MY and SYNC 4

    With the 2021 model year looking like a 2nd refresh of the s550 does it seem too far fetched that we will see a updated dash and interior with subsequent sync 4 inclusion for the upcoming MY???
  10. Order update customer site???

    I’m sure this question has been asked but I looked to no avail. I just placed my order a couple of days ago (probably the latest 2020 order there will be lol) and I keep seeing people show screenshots of a customer order update site showing the status of their order I.e. VIN date, build date...
  11. Corsa double helix??

    https://www.americanmuscle.com/corsa-xpipe-1517gt350.html Anyone know if the Corsa double helix resonator delete for the gt350 will fit the gt500??? And if not does corsa have plans to make a 500 specific piece??
  12. 2021 GT500 Order banks

    Anyone have any idea when the order banks will be opening for the 2021MY??? My local dealership is giving their me first allocation for the 2021s and I want to get my order in ASAP.
  13. 2021 GT500 colors

    It would appear we’re losing Rapid red, Grabber green, magnetic gray, and Kona blue for the 2021 year. Sucks for me I was really looking forward to ordering a Rapid red 2021 gt500:( hopefully this new lucid red isn’t as dark as it looks to be in the pallet pictures.
  14. Upper pulley or lower pulley???

    Curious as to what y’all think about doing a lower overdrive pulley as opposed to the smaller upper pulleys as a solution for extra boost. This would allow to keep the clutch pulley for the blower itself and not risk any damage that getting rid of the clutch could possibly incur. VMP has already...
  15. CAI??

    Anyone know if companies like JLT or PMAS have any CAIs on the way?? Seeing Lund take off the air filter seemed to gain like 30ish whp. So it definitely seems like it be a worth it mod.
  16. First tuned GT500

    Lund has their first tune in their shop GT500. I’m assuming The TCM programming isn’t out yet so they’re at the torque limits of the trans programming thus making the gains minimal. Baseline 1st, 93 pump tune 2nd, octane booster 3rd.
  17. 2021MY???

    Curious if anyone has any info regarding the 2021MY?? Will there be a second model year for the 500?? If so when might order banks be opening up??