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  1. American Muscle

    People should shop elsewhere just because of stupid stuff like this. The promo should read "we'll give you $200 to put this sticker on your car"
  2. gt500 RC car

    I don't usually look in the 500 forums so don't know if this has already been posted.
  3. Ok, who was at Apple Hill?

    Where's my pie??
  4. Essex 3.8 v6

    Can anyone tell me the dimensions of this motor? Specifically the width. Looking at possibly putting a supercharged in my Jeep. thanks
  5. I have a chance to buy an inter-family '69 Mach 1

    It only has the 351 and I'm not a huge Mustang guy. (had A Camaro and Z28 as a teen) Fast forward a gazilion years. The gt350 is a god amongst mortals that lured me in. I probably wouldn't own any other newer Mustangs and that includes the 500. But, i do love me some old muscle cars. My son...
  6. Where's the best place to get a gt350 (r) or gt500 spoiler?

    I keep seeing a wide variety of pricing, and what i assume quality, of spoilers all over the internet. I don't feel that carbon fiber would go with my car, so i'm looking for gloss black. I do like the R spoiler, but do not want to mess with covering the existing holes on my deck lid. That...
  7. Rimblades

    Anyone try them? Will they fit non R wheels? https://rimblades.com/
  8. Gt350 Radio

    This is the first car i've bought in my entire life that i can care less that it has a radio. I have the Shaker System which is pretty tame at best, but i still have almost no desire to listen to it. This car is mostly my daily driver and i find myself turning down the radio to listen to the...
  9. E85 Flex Fuel TME!

    Tell me everything i need to know. Pros and Cons for the GT350.