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  1. What is causing this sound?

    I wouldnt drive my car with it making noise like that. jack it up and look. I still work on my cars in the snow here in buffalo ny.
  2. is this a genuine ford mustang key?

    Im nervous about buying a knockoff mustang key from ebay. I need 2 keys but Im only buying one from the dealership for $175. The one in the pics looks legit but I want to make sure. Im saving like $70 on the key in the pics.
  3. steering wheel airbags all the same 2015-17 ?

    Just wondering if all 2015-17 steering wheel airbags are the same? or do I need to find the exact part #
  4. 2015 v6 ECM swap . decoding ECM

    So i bought a new in the box ECM from ebay, says FL3Z-12A650-CANP on box but the ECM says FL3A-12B684-BEB so I guess fuck the parts numbers. So tired of playing ECM games. I will try to get a locksmith to come out and make me 2 keys. If they cant get the keys to work Im going to flatbed it to...
  5. HELP - I'm looking for previous owner of my car.

    jokes are usually funny. but whats with people trying to talk crap about this guys car.
  6. mustang widebody

    I talked to the owner real quick. said he bought it from a woman in texas. I thought it looked good at first but I hate widebody kits.
  7. HELP - I'm looking for previous owner of my car.

    Why are you even in this thread? youre crying like a little bitch about how the car is junk. You never did real bodywork so dont speak on thinks you have no experience with. You probably dont even change your own oil, your bf probably does it for you..
  8. HELP - I'm looking for previous owner of my car.

    have you ever repaired a damaged front end before? and how is the engine only good for parts? youre a funny guy
  9. 2015 v6 ECM swap . decoding ECM

    I bought a ECM for $300 brand new on ebay. Its FR3Z-12A650-CANP. Hopefully the dealer doesnt have any issue programming it. I still need to buy two keys. Maybe this info will help someone that needs an ECU for their mustang. I will update after I get it taken to the dealership.
  10. 2015 v6 ECM swap . decoding ECM

    Got this from the ford dealership in orchard park NY.
  11. 60s mustang 289 id. need help

    Im looking for a 65-67 mustang 289 engine to rebuild. I dont know much about the 60s mustang, only 95+. I have one crappy pic of the numbers from a 289 that is for sale locally. I just want to figure out if its a real 65-67 mustang engine so I can possibly buy it.
  12. 2015 v6 ECM swap . decoding ECM

    So it looks like Im gonna buy the ECM from tascaparts.com for $490 + $100 core but I have a core with slightly different part number. Or should I get it from dealership? I dont wanna pay $500 for two keys. Can I just buy used OEM keys from ebay or something and get them programmed by parts...
  13. 2015 v6 ECM swap . decoding ECM

    Hi, I have a 2015 v6 auto. I bought the car as a project and the ECM got lost when I cleaned out my garage. Dealership wants $750 for a new one plus $250 per key fob and $ for reprograming my car. So I want to buy a used ECM and get PATS disabled by parts farm for $300. The dealership said the...