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  1. GT500 wheels on Mach 1?

    ‘23 Mach 1 HP showed up today 3/15 and it’s still cold here and not safe for Cup 2s. I have the stock wheels off my ‘22 GT500 that I brought up to dealer to see if they can fit (same widths just 20” but the 4S tires). Will these bolt on for the dealer when they prep the car for pick up...
  2. Andy 2023 HP Mach 1 delivered yet with Cup 2 cracking?

    Seems like the ‘23 model is being rushed/ shortened to get the new S650s built but in the past the 350Rs, CFTP GT500 and Mach HPs were all built after 3/1. This date can be delayed also depending on the weather in Flatrock MI. The reason is the Cup2 tires and track compound not recommended for...
  3. GT500/GT350 rear brake conversion

    I was lucky enoug to grab a set of take off ‘22 GT500 brakes. My ‘23 Handling pack M1 has a build day of 2/22 and it has red calipers. How involved is swapping rear 350/500 brakes. I have the rear electric parking brake and lines, rear calipers and rotors. probably not worth it but I have the...
  4. Flex Fuel tuning

    Any shops offering flex fuel tuning on our cars? I’ll run E85 primarily but flex fuel would be nice. -J
  5. Best long tube headers

    Just wondering if there is a consistent best choice for our cars? I know the usual suspects but have never bought a set of S550 headers. Thanks. -J
  6. For those taking delivery, what are the essentials?

    The last new Mustang I bought was my 2014 in June 2013. Still have it and I brought Jaeger Bros front ‘mud flaps’ for the 4hr drive home. A car buddy went with me and he and the dealer found it funny watching me install them on a new car. Fast forward to today, my ‘22 is due this week or next...
  7. 2023 GT500

    My dealer is admittedly new to owning a Ford dealership but is part of a huge multi manufacturer dealership group. My GM feels like they’re going to build 2023 GT500s. Or even build remaining 2022 orders into 2023. Could they still be considered 2022 MYs built in 2023 calendar year? Just...
  8. 2022 GT500 order thread

    Very thankful to have a confirmed order at MSRP for a ‘22 GT500. I haven’t bought a new Mustang since my ‘14 GT500 but I went with this spec: Eruption Green Black painted roof Handling pack Tech pack Recaros CF interior Black car cover Who else has a ‘22 GT500 order confirmed? -J
  9. Best tire upgrade? Toyo R888R?

    I know very few have been delivered and that they come with a very nice set of Michelin PS4s, but a tire upgrade would be one of the first things I’d do. How does the car perform with the R888Rs? -J
  10. Has anyone weighed a CFTP car?

    Was just thinking about this while watching a video of a Redeye weighing 4460#. I know I’ve seen at least one base GT500 weigh in at 4080# in private owner hands. The CFTP cars are hard to find, but has anyone seen one weighed privately? -J
  11. 2019 R build timeframe

    I was offered a 2019 GT350R at MSRP that I can order. The local dealer won an R lottery and already put in an order, but want me to change to my specs if possible. I really want to change the body color and exterior package (definitely black roof, debating stripes) and also need to know a...