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  1. IrishStallion

    “Next Gen” Mustang Will be Electric (EV) Only Claims Autoline

    They will either have to pipe in some wonderful V8 sounds internal/external cabin or they sound like a RC car. Not a fan of the electric high pitch whine myself. Agreed the electric will kill the feel of a muscle car.
  2. IrishStallion

    Please Educate Me On Torque Management

    Your still a huge Moron. That is the point. You think because you striped your 17 manual 350 plus pounds on drag setup launching at 5500 rpms on bias ply your somehow badass. Your not... Move on.
  3. IrishStallion

    Please Educate Me On Torque Management

    Lol. Your still a CA Hillbillie.... Next.
  4. IrishStallion

    Car got banged up a little. Time for new parts.

    Wildhorse does not know his head from his ass. Proven! Sorry to hear Man. Shit happens and looks repairable. Keep us non-Morons posted. ;)
  5. IrishStallion

    2019 Mustang GT rpm
  6. IrishStallion

    What do I tell tuner?

    Your 1/8 mph is way off. I trap 94-95 and 121-122 on full weight pp1 on ps4’s stock suspension wheels etc. If you say you only got 118 not letting out much that is still low mph for sea level - DA. You should be hitting 120’s plus imo.
  7. IrishStallion

    2019 Mustang GT rpm

    I bet switching that gauge out would be no big deal. That would personally be an annoyance to not have the proper gen3 redline reflected on the gauge.
  8. IrishStallion

    2019 Mustang GT rpm

    You bought a 2019 mustang (ca model) in Utah??
  9. IrishStallion

    Shopping for cold air intake

    Cold air intakes are very similar to cat back exhaust mods (resonator/axle back). Some will make a little more power than others. Regardless of the manufacturer quoted hp gains these overall mods are very MINOR in actual gains. Debating everyones opinion (everyone has one) and trying to conclude...
  10. IrishStallion

    Please Educate Me On Torque Management

    Most higher gear 1:1 load pulls don’t have traction issues unless your making high whp. I think we are comparing a lot of apples to oranges in this conversation at this point... Traction in 6-7th gear is a moot point on my setup? The “plug” unplugged in my setup shows less computer controlled...
  11. IrishStallion

    Please Educate Me On Torque Management

    Are you on stock tune and what rear tire are you running? When you use drag mode (if you have it) you get perfect hook on 1-2, 2-3, 3-4 shifts on street? My car is mild bolt on E85 tune. Without resorting to drag type tire the “spin” will always be part of the game in some sort or manner with...
  12. IrishStallion

    I became a Mustang owner again!!!

    Triple yellow is badass. That was the color I wanted...
  13. IrishStallion

    Please Educate Me On Torque Management

    Mike, I am not disputing your tests, but regardless, I disagree that pulling plug is same as pushing button for 5 seconds. My data says differently. On cold tires I can spin up to top of third from a stop with barely a 25 foot rollout in cooler air with zero computer aided interference. Try...
  14. IrishStallion

    Please Educate Me On Torque Management

    My car also had a 121 mph speed limiter built in from the factory with pp1 and ps4s tires. That was a surprise too... lol.
  15. IrishStallion

    Please Educate Me On Torque Management

    Yes, yours is “junk” based off what you did to your car. CA hillbille. Congrats! Secondly, you have zero experience tuning/modding/logging or racing a 18 plus a10. Show me your logs on a 18/a10 comparing the two....?? You again, “think” everything that applies to your 17 manual automatically...
  16. IrishStallion

    Please Educate Me On Torque Management

    I have cleaner logs (data) unplugged when trying to maximize straight line acceleration especially on street tires. Torque source will tell you what is being nannied. Yall can have your opinions. Takes 10 seconds to plug or unplug. ?? lol.