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  1. Engine Motor Mounts Recommendations?

    I think if you guys only drop one spacer with the steeda mounts, you would still get enough clearance, and only change the driveline angle by 0.5 degree (small angle approximation). I was using washers with stock mounts and the clearance was only 5mm. Still never had any issue with them. So 1...
  2. Engine Motor Mounts Recommendations?

    Just measured, the gap from manifold upper edge to the brace lower edge is at 1.4-1.5mm (f**k imperial units). Considering that when without lowering the engine the gap is close to zero but still not touching if without washers applied, the height lowered is exactly at 1/2 inch (1.27mm). Even...
  3. Engine Motor Mounts Recommendations?

    20190105_122057 by Jared_J posted Jan 6, 2019 at 4:48 PM 20190105_122124_HDR by Jared_J posted Jan 6, 2019 at 4:48 PM Steeda motor mounts, fits perfect and 1000 times better than the GMS ones. It lowered the engine more than 1/2 inch with only 2 spacers down out of the 3 availables. Almost too...
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  6. Engine Motor Mounts Recommendations?

    UPDATE: There indeed is a "break in" period, and the smoothness has improved 10-fold after three days of work-home commuting, but I believe not from the mount. I think it's likely due to the fact that I disconnected the battery to remove the strut tower brace, and the engine needs to relearn to...
  7. Engine Motor Mounts Recommendations?

    Just called Steeda. The tech found out the black ones, which they call the racing ones, are 90A stiffness. The red ones are only softer than that but they don't know. For reference the GMS and BMR ones are 95A, and that's why they are so harsh... I ask about group buy option, and they gave me a...
  8. Engine Motor Mounts Recommendations?

    If I'm going to buy another set of mounts I will start with the steeda ones: https://www.steeda.com/steeda-adjustable-heavy-duty-s550-mustang-engine-mounts-2015-gt-555-4039.html Design wise this should truly lower the engine by at least 0.5 inch. The height of GMS ones is about same with steeda...
  9. Engine Motor Mounts Recommendations?

    Sounds good. I did this in preparation for my pro-charger, as I saw it strongly recommended by a turbo builder. My procharger kit has been delivered to my Ohio home and waiting for me to carry it to CA (because of the stupid CARB number thing only in CA).
  10. Engine Motor Mounts Recommendations?

    That's some serious craftsmanship... Thanks for the info!
  11. Engine Motor Mounts Recommendations?

    Bummer... This is too harsh for me.... Where do you get the softer polys that fit the mount? I may go that route as well.
  12. Engine Motor Mounts Recommendations?

    Just installed GMS engine motor mounts today, DAMN that's a whole lot of NVH!!! Stupid thing about that mount is, it DOES NOT lower the engine as it claims (0.52 inch)! I only see a 2mm drop judge from the distance from intake manifold to strut tower brace. I still need spacers for clearance...
  13. Procharger P1X or D1SC

    Thanks! It wasn't too bad since AMR was at least quick to issue the refund, and the discount at Stage 3 was still there when the refund was received.
  14. Procharger P1X or D1SC

    Update: I had to cancel the order from Auto Mafia Racing after they wanted another $700, after I had paid the order with their sales online. They said price was wrong but how come it has been wrong for more than 2 months on their website? Sure I asked discount, but it was applied by the sales...
  15. Procharger P1X or D1SC

    Just placed the order for a Procharger D1SC tuner kit with helical gear through AMR! Yeah! Getting exited! No promo available for kit with P1X. I figured the money saved make more performance gain than the efficiency advantage of P1X.
  16. Procharger P1X or D1SC

    Thank you. I appreciate the info.
  17. Procharger P1X or D1SC

    Why do larger injectors push more fuel than the car needs? Shouldn't it be calibrated to push the right amount of fuel? If saying larger capacity fuel injectors has less fuel injection accuracy, I can fully support than. But if it's generally injecting more than required, then I would say a...
  18. Procharger P1X or D1SC

    That's what I'm thinking. I was hoping P1X has less amount of parasitic power consumption when generating same amount of output, for V6 application.
  19. Procharger P1X or D1SC

    I found an online calculator saying if I want to shoot for 600 engine hp by E85 I need at least 90lbs/hr fuel injectors. I'm not entirely dedicated for E85, but sure don't want repetitive investment. Any disadvantage for using fuel injectors larger than needed, apart from more expensive to buy?