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  1. Missouri GPE custom Venturi Ported 88mm Throttle Body

    Like new and only used 2k miles. Gig’s Performance Engineering factory OEM 80mm TB hand ported to 88mm at the edge. No tune required and improves throttle response through out powerband. No longer have the mustang is why I’m selling. Cheap and easy way to make a tad more power too. I used this...
  2. Mothers CMX Ceramic

    First off, I never paid to have any of my cars ceramic coated. Know a lot of people that have. Just used this on my pretty much virgin paint 18 stang and very impressed. Easy to apply and wipe off. https://mothers.com/collections/cmx
  3. Is Carvana trying to corner the market on 18-19 Mustangs?

    There is like 40 plus 18 up Gt mustangs on Ebay right now. Lol.
  4. 18 up Shadow Black paint color

    Never realized just how much blue, green, and purple pearl/flake is in this paint code. Very pretty up close! ;).