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  1. BMR SP083 and roll center, bump steer

    I loved my 900+lb/in factory stock rear GT500 springs so much I went to the BMR 980lbin rears. Ride quality is amazing. With readily available dampers/damper technology, 300F and 1000R rates are fine and won't rattle anyone's teeth out. The BMR SP083 are incredible springs on the street and...
  2. BMR SP083 and roll center, bump steer

    No it will not. Enjoy
  3. How would you spend $100 on suspension for a stock GT?

    This part right here that literally EVERY performance car should have. https://lmr.com/item/M5A460M/2015-ford-racing-knuckle-to-toe-link-bearing-assembly?gclid=Cj0KCQjwjryjBhD0ARIsAMLvnF8XROYl4W4XCrOZmPhrdVZgu-Lnrq3wwXGA4BKt0vYL8Tutq2hFOi0aAqIvEALw_wcB
  4. Steeda Subframe Brace 0-60 Improvement

    Shogun32 is usually always on point. 💪
  5. How would you spend $100 on suspension for a stock GT?

    Mustang6G. Where bracing braces with multiple braces or installing braces to "cure tramlining" is highly recommended. Where installing diff bushings, vertical Links and alignment dowels are said to make a world of difference. Yet, people make fun of someone wanting to spend $100 on the...
  6. How would you spend $100 on suspension for a stock GT?

    Ford Performance M-5A460-M And it's not even close.
  7. Steeda Subframe Brace 0-60 Improvement

    All it really does is add weight. So it shouldn't improve it at all. 🤷
  8. Deleting magneride issues…

    My kit is working great. Still testing. Still no faults. Hoping to maybe share more details soon. 🔥
  9. Issue with BMR lower control arm bearing kit bk055

    It does not make complete sense, because that is not accurate at all. A spherical bearing configuration is the best solution and will rotate/pivot/articulate much smoother and cleaner than any other sort of bushing configuration. Poly and/or bronze etc it s disaster of a material for this...
  10. How Many Miles Boys and Girls

    Just hit 175 miles on my 2020.
  11. Kelltrac IRS studs

    A fastener is only as good as, it's threads. Fasteners are designed to provide proper clamping force, that is how systems being fastened are engineered. If a fastener was designed to take shear loads in an application, then the proper clamping force was not implemented and parts would fail...
  12. Kelltrac IRS studs

    They must have gotten more in stock, mine arrived the other day. Great mod!
  13. Deleting magneride issues…

    You guys also keep in mind, there could possibly be something related to how much 'is commanded'. I know heat is a significant issue with these delete plugs. In the GT500 world it seems that the issues are lessened when you keep the suspension in "normal" mode, rather than the sport or track...
  14. Deleting magneride issues…

    The GM folks use the same parts from all of these companies with no issues. The Fords seems to have a lot of issues. I am testing a new design kit on my GT500 right now. If it works as I hope, I will share information on it. Additionally, I believe some tuners out there have the ability to...
  15. Wheel hop elimination??

    He didn't say anything about Steeda. He clearly showed a stock vertical link binding. Look at all those rusty parts! Time for a re-coat! 👍
  16. S550 Viking Crusader Shocks, KellTrac "Ultra" Spec, INVERTED

    KellTrac was hushed and account blocked because they weren't a paying sponsor and just called a spade a spade. I'd try reaching out to them on their Facebook page. 👍
  17. Toe Link is a Toe Link is a Toe Link

    I like SPC's ideas on many of their parts, but I feel they "miss" on most everything they end up offering. They're great at aligning a car. That's about it. Don't get me started on their previous generation Mustang parts that failed way to often. When a single part with eibach and spc on them...
  18. Are they really caster AND camber plates?

    MM plates are slotted in a manner that allows caster and camber adjustment simultaneously.
  19. 2020 GT500 Registry - Add Yours

    1523 - S550 Recon - L1296