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  1. Ford Accessories O-t-P 10, 7.5 stripe kits

    Has anyone installed the Ford Accessories 10" or 7.5" Over the Top stripe kit? I'm curious how they fit. Pics would of course be great! Thanks guys.
  2. Garage sale; Whipple, Ford Performance, Blowfish

    Cleaning out the garage with unused parts Location Columbus, Ohio Buyer pays shipping Pay Pal preferred Whipple Stage 2 heat exchanger package. New in boxes. Includes HE, fans, brackets, harness. $300obo Whipple Stage 1 heat exchanger. New replacement for your damaged HE. $125obo...
  3. Premium ACM for Sync 3/MFT swap

    Premium ACM with Sirius. $150 shipped CONUS via Pay Pal.
  4. Converter issues with Whipple stock tune?

    Has anyone had issues with their converters after installing the Stage 2 kit? Took it out for the first time tonight and went literally a mile down the road, got on it, it spun (shocker) but also felt a little lazy, so I take it back to my buddies garage that has been housing it and realize it...
  5. Whipple Owner in Columbus, Ohio?

    If anyone in the Columbus, Ohio area is a Whipple owner and you have the Flare tool, Jeff at Whipple and I could use your assistance. Please PM if you can help.
  6. Ford Performance at PRI 2017

    At the PRI Show in Indy this week. Stopped by the FP booth, not a ton of new stuff but some interesting upgrades are being released: The blower kit that was displayed at SEMA A new air/oil separator for 2018 cars that works with N/A or S/C engines 2018 Performance Pack Level 2 wheels have a Ford...
  7. Power Pack 2 or 3 owners

    If you have the Ford Performance PP2 or 3 and live in Ohio, LP of Michigan, Kentucky, Indiana, or Pittsburgh area please PM me. We could use your help on the HP Tuners board.
  8. Ford Performance FR3 vs GT350 base suspension

    Does anyone have experience with the Track Pack or FR3 suspension? Apparently FP views the Track Pack as inferior to the GT350 base and MagnaRide suspensions. Trying to figure out why. The MagneRide is obvious in either non-R or R form. But I'm wondering how the FR3 stands up to the base GT350
  9. SYNC 3 swap, It's all in here

    ** UPDATED 12/14/2017** New graphics So I'd like to have one all encompassing post for those that want to swap to Sync 3. The original thread has great information but it's long and cluttered and we really need to start something that answers your questions plus add the information that we have...
  10. Any Ford Performance SC cars in Columbus or Cincinnati

    If you haven't heard HP Tuners can now read and edit the calibration file that is flashed via the Pro-Cal tool for the M-6066-M8627 ans the 1-3 Power Packs. Looking for someone who will let me take a copy of this file. I'm hesitant to pull a copy from the internet.
  11. Got some good news today

    Just spreading the good word:cheers: A little birdy told me Tasca is the cheapest right now.
  12. WTT SCT and tune for Pro Cal from M-9452-M8

    WTT Looking for someone who's got the Ford Stage III ProCal from the M-9452-M8 kit and wants to go with an SCT X4 and cal files from Bama or VMP.
  13. Roush calibration files in SCT PRP?

    I was messing around with my PRP software after installing it on a new laptop and I noticed there are cal files listed for Roush. Anyone know what's up with this?
  14. Dissecting the base stereo circuit board

    Wasn't there a thread here where someone attempted to dissect the base stereo circuit board?
  15. WTB Roush CAI 421826

    Looking for Roush CAI with everything like new.
  16. Premium Bezel with Recaros

    I know that its a pain to order these but can you tell me the part number for a premium bezel for a car with Recaro seats?
  17. Premium Bezel with recaros

    I know that its a pain to order these but can you tell me the part number for a premium bezel for a car with Recaro seats?
  18. WTB: Left over TB to MAF tube from Ford Performance CAI

    I'm looking for the intake tube that is included with the Ford Performance M-9603-M4 and M-9603-M23 kits. The instructions direct you to discard it, I'll pay money for it :headbang:
  19. DIY *8 rib or 10 rib

    Has anyone pieced one of these together yet?