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  1. V6 PHOTOS- all colors, stock or modified

    New pics of my car. Recejt mods are oem gt350 wheels and tire and blue stripes that i did myself. :)
  2. Show me your stripes!

    Finally did stripes. I did these myself..just 70 bucks worth of 3m. Only took me maybe 4 hrs. Very happy with the outcome
  3. JLT S550 V6 CAI

    Damn that looks awesome
  4. California Apex Wheels

    Did they sell?
  5. 3.55 loaded diff Manual

    Your in so cal? Still have it?
  6. Stock GT Exhaust on V6 Mustang

    Yeah hopefully i can get new collectors on my lethal pipes so i can go catless. Ill be sure to post a vid when i do. So far im much happier with the h pipe on these mufflers vs he sr x pipe
  7. XXR 521 20x10.5 square - the hunt for stance

    Only if you have a pp. Base brakes dont require a spacer
  8. Modifying As-Built Data Guide

    So im having problems guys....since ive changed my as built data for my gears and a few other things.....now when i change the tune on my car i get a CEL saying wrong or incompatable vin from the tune? What the hell. I reverted to stock before i changed my as buit data. No idea whats wrong. Car...
  9. Stock GT Exhaust on V6 Mustang

    Ill be installing a 18gt quad tip on my car soon..catless with a x pipe and resonators. The 18 gts are far louder stock than the older s550s. And have a pretty deep tone. Hoping this will be a nice setup with minimal drone unlike my current setup lol
  10. Sold!

    Still have this stuff?
  11. 3.7 Forced induction

    2k for that whole kit...man.. You suck lol
  12. Modifying As-Built Data Guide

    Nevermimd guys, got it all figured out! Also did the cope mode, turned off my tpms (cause i have no sensors in my current wheels and that light and chime is annoying) added the boost gauge. Thabks for all the awesome info in here
  13. Modifying As-Built Data Guide

    Guys i need some help with my as built data for changing gears. I have a 3.7 6spd and somebody saud the first 4 digits were 0175..i tried that and it gave me a error saying incould do it..but something was wrong. I found another area in the program where i was actually able to select 373 as my...
  14. Things I learned from completing a differential swap myself

    I went ahead and ordered the scan tool. I still need to get my forscan license tho
  15. V6 gear swap from 3.15 to 3.73

    After the whipple flare tool did you notice power gains?
  16. Things I learned from completing a differential swap myself

    Man, thanks for doing this. Ive had 373s in my car for iver a year now and havnt done the bcm thing. Kinda wondering if its really hurting power. And if it is..wjat method is it using to pull power..?? I might have to pick your brain once i get my firscan licence.
  17. Stock GT Exhaust on V6 Mustang

    Well...not without some serious rework anyways lol. You could just cut the stock bumper to fit quads like i did. Pretty easy
  18. Stock GT Exhaust on V6 Mustang

    Pretty sure theres a video at the beginning of this thread
  19. Stock GT Exhaust on V6 Mustang

    The rouch valence only works with premium bumpers