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  1. Battery Harness Pinout

    Does anyone have the battery harness pinout for a 2015-2017 mustang? I am trying to find the wires that go to the OBD2 connector.
  2. Virginia 2015-2020 Mustang Baer SS4+ 2.0 Drag Race Front Brake Kit New in the Box $850

    Brakes are new in the box. PM me with questions. They are slotted in Fire Red color. https://baer.com/12-Front-SS4-Drag-Race-Brake-System-4261560.html. I am in Northern VA but also have a house in NC so pickup can be arranged in NC and VA.
  3. Virginia Watson 6 Point Chromoly Bolt in roll bar $1000

    I am selling a Watson 6 point bolt in cage in excellent condition. I no longer plan to use the cage because I bought a foxbody to race. The cage is designed to be bolted in to existing holes and easily removed...
  4. Private Track Rental at Maryland International Raceway On Thursday 10/28

    I am hosting a private track day on October 28th and November 19th. I will have both lanes exclusively. The rental is open to cars running slicks or drag radials only. The track will be prepped for radials to the 330 in one lane and slick prep to the 330 in the other. The cost will be 160 per...
  5. Show me your Air to water setups

    I am thinking about upgrading my Hellion twin turbo to an air to water setup. I would love to see what you guys are running and the how you like the setup. The current A2A is fine until I try to make a full 1/4 pass on a warm day above 80 degrees.
  6. Tell me about your methanol injection setup

    I am planning to buy a methanol injection setup to lower IATs on my hellion sleeper setup. On a recent 1/4 pass my IAT went from 100 to 175 at the end of the run. I would love to hear where you by your methanol from, what setup you went with and how happy you are with the setup. I am skeptical...
  7. Best whipple belt and tensioner setup for 3.35 pulley to prevent slip

    I would love to hear what length and type of belt everyone is running on their whipple cars to eliminate belt slip on stock 6 rib. We are trying to run a 3.35 and it seems lie belt may be slipping.
  8. Help out of fuel with Fore Stage 4 Fuel System

    I just installed a FORE stage 4 fuel system with wiring on a 2015 GT with a whipple, 1050x injectors, E85 and 3.65 pulley. We initially ran the car on two pumps because we felt the third was overkill. At about 6800 STFT starting trending up and AFR went to 81-83. I have checked all the wiring...
  9. Forgestar D5 Quality to Weld RTS

    I would like to hear what everyone thinks of the quality of the Forgestar D5 vs weld RTS wheels. I am trying to decide on used Weld RTS or new forgestars.
  10. Does anyone have wiring for stock line lock? Trying to wire it off button

    I am wondering if it is possible to trigger stock line lock off a button vs going through the entire process. I know JPC sells a kit but it seems like it should be possible to just trigger it if you knew the correct pin and how the signal worked.
  11. When is the HP Tuner 6r80 transbrake and bump box coming

    Does anyone know when HP tuners is going to release the transbrake and bump box for the 6r80? I would also love to hear feedback from high horsepower turbo cars using it on the 10r80. I am curious how they are using a two step with it.
  12. Help wiring stock paddle shifter to transbrake and scramble button

    Does anyone have a wiring diagram to help utilize the stock paddle shifters to control transbrake and scramble button. I have heard they are 0 volts when pressed in and 12 when released. I need to switch that since I need 12 volts when pressed.
  13. Virginia Circle D 245 3C Converter $800

    The converter was pulled from my 2015 Ford Mustang GT with a Paxton supercharger. The converter is the newer design and will fit 2011-2017 6r80 transmissions. The converter is in great shape with less than 5,000 miles. I switched to a turbo charger and need a different stall converter. With this...
  14. 2015 GT Hellion Sleeper Results

    I finally got my car back on the dyno day with new hellion sleeper kit. The mods are listed below. I can't wait to get back to the track and see how it feels with almost 800 FT LBS. Jon Lund JR did a great job on the tune and the car has more in it if I want to push a little more. Stock engine...
  15. Should waste gates release any air at idle?

    I was under my car while it was running with my new hellion low mount kit and one of my waste gates is blowing a very small amount of air out the dump. I am wondering if this is normal or do I need to pull the gate and inspect it.
  16. Virginia Vortech/Paxton UPR Catchcan setup $200

    I am selling my UPR Vortech/Paxton catch can setup since I switched over to hellion turbos and no longer need it. I purchased it new a year ago and it is in perfect condition.
  17. Help with transmission lines on hellion sleeper kit

    Did anyone have a hard time bending transmission lines when installing hellion sleeper kit?
  18. American Racing Headers 1-7/8 x 3 in. Long Tube Off-Road Headers w/ X-Pipe - Long System

    I am selling my ARH 1 7/8 Longtube headers. I no longer have the xpipe because I used it on my hellion build. I have bolts and o2 extension too. I have had them on my car for about two years and the car is only driven on nice days. The car made 800 RWHP with these headers and stock mufflers. I...
  19. Boost Controller Solenoid location and type of vacuum lines suggestions

    I am about to install my hellion sleeper kit with the boost leash and I am curious where everyone mounted their boost controller solenoids and what type of vacuum lines you used. I am leaning toward using PTFE 4AN lines for the lower gate hose for added security. I might run AN for everything...
  20. 2015-17 Paxton 2200SL Kit

    I am upgrading to hellion turbo and need to sell my Paxton 2200SL kit I bought new from beefcake a little over a year ago. The car is only driven in fair weather and the kit has less than 5000 miles on it. I did one oil change on the kit early and have two bottles left. I would prefer not to...