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  1. Positive battery cable corroded off

    Both the post and cable were badly covered. I merely wiggled the positive cable and it detached itself. I can't secure the cable like factory. I have a few hours in the morning to figure a way to secure the cable to the battery, any suggestions?
  2. Whipple Stage 1 or Roush Stage 2

    I've narrowed it down to these 2 forced induction choices. It's going on a Roush RS2 PP 3.73 which I plan to keep. Keep it all Roush or go with a Whipple. Shelby uses Whipple. I have no plans to drag or take it to the track. 95% of the time I'm shifting before 3k. Im aiming for...
  3. Passenger side DRL out

    I've replaced DRL bulbs with new ones and even swapped them left to right. I also unplugged the bulb socket left to right. Whatever combo I make, only the drivers DRL works. Is there a fuse for L/R DRLs? Thanks.
  4. Upgrading from stage 2 to 3 Ford performance pack

    Maybe someone whose done this can chime. F150/ 2018 manifolds is a lot more affordable then a GT350 manifold. Some have had bad experience with the GT350 throttle and put the stock TB back on to fix the issue. Does adding a F150/ 2018 manifold make any power difference with the ford PP2...
  5. Just joined but need to leave this forum

    In the last few days I've seen incredible deals on forged wheels. Then a pro charger comes up for sale. Then a Roush stage 2 super charger. It's too much. I need to leave for a few months and enjoy my car stock.
  6. PP brembos and 20x10.5 deep dish

    Thinking of running square 10.5 set up. Et42. What's needed upfront to clear the brembos. Tires are 275 35.
  7. My 1st mod, track day norcal

    Someone recommend a NorCal track day or event worth it for a daily driver.
  8. Sync 3 Android mirror chrome cast

    I know Android auto is not allowing video... But has anyone added mirroring or screen cast on sync 3? Thanks
  9. MAC pro chamber resonator

    I saw the review of the pro chamber cat back exhaust on AM. I ran a OR pro chamber on my 97 cobra, loved it since it sounded different than other 4.6s. I have a Roush quad AB but want to weld in just the pro chamber mid. I have a very good exhaust guy to do the work. Any ideas how...
  10. Air ride install in Bay 408 650 area

    Any recommendations for shop to install air ride? S550 Roush.
  11. Air ride install in Bay 408 650 area

    Any recommendations for shop to install air ride? S550 Roush.