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  1. Formula 1 talk.

    We now return to our regularly scheduled program lol.
  2. Formula 1 talk.

    Im just waiting for the LH haters to come in and give excuses on why Max got away with 3 impeding investigations and throwing a fit and stomping out like a baby... If that was LH they would be singing on how FIA breaks rules for him and he is nothing but a cry baby... When in fact they all...
  3. Formula 1 talk.

    I haven't had any issues yet with it. I will admit I use the Espn app during Fridays while at work as its easier to get to then my F1 app. Sometimes on sat ill use Espn also. But the races I always go to F! app on my apple tv. Mainly so I can flip between drivers when the race gets dull. I...
  4. Formula 1 talk.

    F1 TV is worth it, no longer have to hear them. 80 bucks a year comes out to $6.66 A month. plus access to every drivers onboard video and radio.
  5. Formula 1 talk.

    It's a shit show here in Vegas with the repaving. I don't work off the strip but have friends that do, their 20min commute is now around 2 hours because of the repaving. a couple of them parked down the road at the trop and just walked the 15-20 mins there to avoid the traffic but others wised...
  6. Formula 1 talk.

    That’s awesome. I don’t have a single autograph of anyone. Just asking another guy for a signature… idk…. Something I regret with him.. Quick story of a long long time ago. End of winter in 2002, Texas World Speedway. I was camping over night, first time at this track, second time ever at a...
  7. Formula 1 talk.

    I loved MotoGP, this is the first year that I can remember, since like 2006 maybe that I haven't paid for the access pass. IDK if it's because my favorite riders are gone. Hayden, Spies, Rossi and I just don't find anyone else as exciting or that it's just the "Ducati Cup" now, but it's just not...
  8. Formula 1 talk.

    I think if you google there are 6 or 7 different times that Horner or Marko threatened that RB would quit F1 all together if they didn't change the rules for Mercs dominance.
  9. Formula 1 talk.

    living here in Vegas I can tell you no bet is paid out until the results are official. After every race you’ll always see it say “unofficial standings”. Once the Stewards/Officials/Organization goes through and makes sure nothings missed as far as penalty’s and that if that particular series...
  10. Formula 1 talk.

    Only thing I was surprised at, was Max dropping from leading every lap since Miami. Otherwise, business as usual. Decent racing in the mid-field.
  11. Formula 1 talk.

    I agree with you. I don't know what it is about Ferrari and how they can mess up strategy soooo very bad.
  12. Formula 1 talk.

    Yeah, I get people dislike drivers, I really can't stand Max, but I would be a fool to discount his talent. He will be a future FIA Hall of Fame inductee for sure. I believe Hamilton is GOAT of F1. I think Max can get there if he stays long enough and RB stay on top. I know others disagree. What...
  13. Formula 1 talk.

    To catch RB??? No, it's not going to make a difference at all. I don't believe RB has even started pushing the car at 100% yet. It may be able to help change up the midfield IF they have the budget to allow the changes they find. But I don't think anyone is going to catch RB. Max is a...
  14. Formula 1 talk.

    Canadian GP........... This rate it will be 2023 F1 season in a nutshell haha.. They are unstoppable right now. Canadian Grand Prix In A Nutshell - YouTube
  15. Formula 1 talk.

    I feel pretty much the same with a "meh" weekend. I do like the sprint race... I mean we could go back to just a FP3??? race is better than FP3 but not by much here at this track. As much as I dislike RedBull I'm not going to complain about them being so far ahead. I didn't complain when...
  16. Formula 1 talk.

    best YT video of 2023 so far... F1 in 2023, in 4 seconds - YouTube
  17. Formula 1 talk.

    Fact, just how it’s always been. Schumacher haters said it, Vettel haters said it, Hamilton haters say it, Max haters are saying it now. But it’s always been the best drivers get the best cars and can win with them. .
  18. Formula 1 talk.

    What I thought about it.. 11 championships between the podium finishers…. I can dig that… crazy race. insane how fast the RB is with DRS, Perez flying by the McLaren was hilarious. Shows how dragy the McLaren is though. Also just like that McLaren go from last to 5th in team standings in one...
  19. Formula 1 talk.

    Max and that RB are just in another league. Sits out first 20 mins of FP1 and within a couple laps faster than anyone easily. I know it's just second race, but I do believe RB will be more dominant than MB ever was in a single year. I don't know if they can stretch that out for 7-8 but last...
  20. Formula 1 talk.

    I don’t watch games, but I’ll click on the highlights on YT here and there. Same with Baseball never was a baseball fan, but I do enjoy watching highlights. I don’t have anything to do with NBA and haven’t for decades, I was a Larry Bird and of course MJ fan. But basketball isn’t the same at...