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  1. Battery Harness Pinout

    Does anyone have the battery harness pinout for a 2015-2017 mustang? I am trying to find the wires that go to the OBD2 connector.
  2. Virginia 2015-2020 Mustang Baer SS4+ 2.0 Drag Race Front Brake Kit New in the Box $850

    Brakes are new in the box. PM me with questions. They are slotted in Fire Red color. https://baer.com/12-Front-SS4-Drag-Race-Brake-System-4261560.html. I am in Northern VA but also have a house in NC so pickup can be arranged in NC and VA.
  3. MT82 to 6R80 Swap

    Glad to help.
  4. MT82 to 6R80 Swap

    I am not sure if reflagging the pcm will reenable PATS. I don’t think it will but not 100% certain.
  5. Virginia Watson 6 Point Chromoly Bolt in roll bar $1000

    I will not ship but I could meet you half way. I assume you are around 3 hours away from 22042.
  6. Virginia Watson 6 Point Chromoly Bolt in roll bar $1000

    I am selling a Watson 6 point bolt in cage in excellent condition. I no longer plan to use the cage because I bought a foxbody to race. The cage is designed to be bolted in to existing holes and easily removed...
  7. Please help with Misfire issue

    You need to make sure none of the misfire logic and codes are disabled in the tune. We had this issue with a friends car that showed the crank relearn was successful even though it was not. Who tunes the car. You might want to talk to them about this.
  8. Trans brake

    I have never tried that but I would assume that it would unload when you activate the transbrake because you are taking your foot off the brake. This would not work for a turbo car that you bump in on either. I could just be lucky but I have beat on my twin turbo 2015 pretty hard with no...
  9. Trans brake

    The transbrake will always feel a bit harsh because there is no power going to the wheels until you let go of the button. The clutches in the transmission force the torque converter to slip. I assume the launch will feel more harsh with a stock converter since it is will not absorb as much power.
  10. MT82 to 6R80 Swap

    The coil packs are not an issue at all. You can make the oil pressure sensor work as well. It will require some minor wiring and a tune change.
  11. Trans brake

    I am interested how this works as well. It seems like a bit of a gimmick to me.
  12. 1050x vs 1300x vs 1700x, when is what required?

    I am running 60 base fuel pressure. Around 1000-1050 RWHP to tires at 20 psi boost.
  13. Hoosier Drag Bracket Radial 28 x 10.50R17 vs MT ET Street R 305/45/17

    I BBC was running 17 hot but I think they need a bit more air pressure. The last time I went the pressure got too low and car was struggling to hook up. The key to a good 60 on a turbo car is the launch boost and ramp rate. Get as much boost in as fast as the car will take it.
  14. 1050x vs 1300x vs 1700x, when is what required?

    I am doing ok with the ID 1050x on w85 at 60psi of fuel pressure. I do plan to build an engine and turn the car up at some point. The car has a Hellion sleeper kit with 62/66 turbos. I know I will eventually tap out the 1300s so I am leaning toward the 1700s.
  15. 1050x vs 1300x vs 1700x, when is what required?

    I am on the fence on the 1300 or 1700 injectors as well. My car is a 2015 making around 1000 to the tires. I still like to run pump gas and I am concerned the 1700s will not support that.
  16. New Jersey UPDATED! Ford Performance M-5570-B Jounce Bumpers

    that works do you take paypal, zelle, cash app?
  17. New Jersey UPDATED! Ford Performance M-5570-B Jounce Bumpers

    What is the price shipped to 22042