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  1. South Carolina DW X2 Fuel Module w/ Walbro 267 pumps, Injector Dynamics 1050x Fue

    I have various fuel system parts for sale + others I will be listing soon. First is a never installed Deatschwerks X2 Series Dual Pump Module it is loaded with 2 Walbro / TI 267 Fuel Pumps ,Factory Basket ( will need fuel level float) , It is wired to plug straight into Leathal Performance Dual...
  2. Please Delete

  3. WTB OEM Fuel Pump Assembly 18+

    Looking to buy fuel pump assembly, really only need the bucket and I believe it has a spring as well? Let me know what you have. Im sure most people that have installed a fuel system in their cars have one laying around. Thanks
  4. Injector Swap

    When I install my new injectors on my 18 gen 5 whipple will It be necessary to remove the blower?
  5. Fuel system set up

    So I’m putting together my own system using various manufacturers to build this set up. I’m working with an 18 w/ stage 2 whipple. My goal is to run e85 and leave it at that. So I assume 750-800 whp. My questions are what configuration regarding fuel line and regular routings. I have seen...
  6. GT NGK LTR7CP13 Laser Platinum

    I’ve had these sitting for a while. Purchased when I was running E85 and thought they would get used..... Went boosted so these obviously aren’t needed and they are collecting dust. $45 shipped to lower 48.
  7. MMR OPG / CS Brand New Reduced Price

    Brand New MMR OPG and Crank Sprocket. $275 Shipped to the lower 48 states.
  8. Velossa Tech Big Mouth

    New Velossa Tech Big Mouth Drivers Side 15-17. $80 Shipped to Lower 48
  9. South Carolina Lowered Price 18-20MUSTANG GT CARBON FIBER UPPER GRILLE

    Anderson composites 2018-2020 FORD MUSTANG TYPE-GT CARBON FIBER UPPER GRILLE. Purchased and Never Installed Condition is new. Will ship in original packaging. $350 + Shipping
  10. Deatschwerks brushless

    Any thoughts, input on this product?
  11. Need Help with Wheel fitment

    Will these fit on the front of my 18 Gt ?
  12. GT 18 Throttle Body / Fuel Rails / Injectors

    18-19 Complete Intake Manifold Removed from my 18 GT @ 3k miles Manifold Sold Throttle Body $175 Shipped Injectors/Rails Make Offer
  13. IAT2 Temps

    Are the IAT2 temps on my Nguage correct? Whipple tune so no special harness.. and if they are correct why does Lund require the harness to tune? Or to read IATs?
  14. GT Ford Performance Loaded 3:55 IRS W/Auto Flange

    Ford Performance loaded 3:55 IRS Fits 15-19 Purchased new and Never Installed. The Flange has been changed to fit Auto can include the original Manual Flange if Wanted. I am asking $650 Shipped
  15. South Carolina JLT CAI 18+ GT. SOLD

    JLT CAI used for 2,000 miles. Will ship in original packaging. Asking $210 shipped

    I have a set of 8 NGK 94862 NIB I don’t need these anymore going boosted.... These are the OEM spark plugs Ford uses on the 18-19 GTs $55 shipped.
  17. Graphics

    Would you please send me a quote for VGR3Z-6320000-G THANKS
  18. Fueling upgrade needs for E85 Whipple?

    Planning on adding a Whipple stage 2 to my 18 Auto. What upgrades would I need to run E85? Looking at maybe 800 Hp max.