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  1. Tank

    So I hit a pitchfork....

    FYI- here’s what happened to someone with an improperly seated dipstick. Good Luck! I hope the fix is painless!!
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    GT350 engine block heater

    Just 5 months?!?! These folks up in your nexk of the woods seem to have a lot to say about block heaters. Might want to consider giving them a ring..
  3. Tank

    GT350 engine block heater

    Alberta CA... Are you planning on year round use of your 350?
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    [Very] Cold Starts - Oil Consumption

    + 4 on the not letting idle and easy driving to get it up to whatever temp it’ll get to. Sorry but I got nothing on the in increased oil consumption. Good luck!
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    Tire assumptions...

    WTF people? Looking for a set of winter wheels, save yourself time, money and headaches. Here’s what you want...
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    Tire assumptions...

    :Eye bulge: Thanks for the p/n. I’ll post in the Parts sticky if they’re not already there. OP, another option is to get a second set of OEM wheels (scan the GT350 Classified section, they come up from time to time) and put a set of performance winter tires on them. This is what I did - found...
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    Retrofitting 2019-20 GT350/R Puddle Lamps onto a 2016-18 GT350/R

    Thanks for doing the heavy lifting. I’ll link this thread in the GT350 Basics sticky for posterity.
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    First post here. Just joined the Shelby family.

    Congrats and welcome! :clap: Enjoy:like:
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    Project6gr Five spoke r spec rims gt350 - issue

    Sometimes it helps to tag the person you’re asking, @angels2k . He hasn’t been on since October...
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    New here, just picked up a Gt350

    Welcome! Terrific pair of cars you have there. There’s at least one other member in HI, @Mspeedster . Maybe you’ve met?
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    Custom GT350 knob from Billetworkz

    20% off Black Friday deal. Code at top of webpage. If you’re on the fence, now’s the time!
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    Behind Left Tail Light Area - What Is This Wire For?

    Searching within the thread is an option. Really narrows it down. Edit: Ugg, with the new style forum, I don’t have the experience to further advise. Good Luck!
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    Delete thread please. Already over it

    AND it’s educational. America’s Tire = Discount Tire = something I did not know. Is it a real brand with signage and everything or just nickname?
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    How many crank revolutions to fire all cylinders?

    He omitted the ‘consecutively’..
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    UPDATE - 89 days at the dealer - Ford Service Engineer in-person assessment - new steering rack - not fixed

    @Spacebird , really sorry to hear you’re in this situation. Have you brought your firewall suspicions to Ford? I didn’t know that was a thing.
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    Oil Udder? No more plastic grocery bag for our oil filter changes?

    That’s the form-a-funnel referenced above.
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    Not sure. Some links might need updating and I’ve already committed to doing this over the winter. @Jarstang , could anything else be the reason?
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    GT350 Owners Supplement G0036

    Be patient. Others have reported slow shipping from that site but I haven’t heard of anyone being blown off 100%.
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    GT350 Owners Supplement G0036

    Wow, that’s an early one! Within the first 200 produced. This website has some of what the Owners Supplement included: I hope you find the original! Good Luck :like: