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  1. 2022 Mustang GT oil pan drain plug

    I use the above and a Ronin drain plug; first time was a little messy, but I've got it figured out now. As all have said before, spin out the old plug slowly and control the flow. After you install the Ronin, you attach a hose to it and Bob's your uncle.
  2. How are your seats holding up

    I uhhhhh... I didn't think I was heavy, but... geez, 230 is heavy now? My 2018 is holding up great; looks as good as it did the day I bought it, including that little circle there... wtf is that, anyway? I never see that on anyone else's seats.
  3. Sexy/Unique 6 speed Shift Knob

    I had some real trouble with CJ and actual Ford parts... https://www.mustang6g.com/forums/media/bad-knob-2.14722/ I had to chase those threads with a tap to get them to work at all.
  4. Sexy/Unique 6 speed Shift Knob

    Raceseng here... https://raceseng.com/collections/mustang-gt-v6-ecoboost it's heavy, but not life-changing. I like having options - I have a few, this is my current favorite
  5. How do I shift better/faster?

    I heard your passenger squeal. You've already won. :thumbsup:
  6. Service Tire Mobility KIt

    Ah, I never knew there was a re-flash available to fix this. I get the message every 6 months or so, and just do the 4-3-4 year setting dance to turn the nag message off. As mentioned in the video, the lifespan of the inflator kit itself is only 4 years. So likely it's time to replace the...
  7. Rattle from Instrument Cluster Piece (non Digital)

    I have the exact same problem (digital gauge, not that it matters - the part/rattle is the same). How do you snap it out without breaking it? I have been dreaming of applying felt tape under it. Anything to absorb the buzzy rattle.
  8. Mid-Engine Mustang to Debut

    It's a Mustang in exactly the same sense in which a Mach-E is a Mustang.
  9. Mustang Diorama

    What, no Mustang II? :giggle: Looks great!
  10. Double Disappointment

    Wow, don't tell my insurance agent. Just updated my policy with a "new to you" car for one of two daughters... $1137.88 twice a year for 4 cars, including the Mustang. Mustang is in the same class as the Honda Pilot, both listed as a commuter with 10+ miles one way. Premium just went down by...
  11. Impressions after 3 months of ownership..

    Beautiful day, beautiful car.
  12. MUDstang vs Mustang Hill Climb

    There's three minutes of my life I won't get back
  13. How to drain the tank on a '19 GT?

    Sometimes what is different on a vert surprises me, so I don't really know. I only have a fastback. :like:
  14. 18+ GT Toggle Switch Mod for Active Exhaust Possible?

    I saved MyMode as quiet exhaust. Flick-flick, it's "quiet." Flick-flick-flick, loud. Done.
  15. How to drain the tank on a '19 GT?

    So the fuel pump is under your back seat, right side (as you're facing the front). You plug that device in, turn the car on to accessory mode, and the pump is going to start doing its thing. So you wouldn't use siphon tools, you'd hook a tube to the gas outlet and put the other end of the tube...
  16. What would prevent you from buying the S650?

    Maybe the electric acceleration will excite my soul. We'll see. Hard to see how the butt dyno can be convinced without the V8 bark, tho. Maybe I should just STFU and drive.
  17. What would prevent you from buying the S650?

    Yeah, not a huge fan of the bowtie. Ford was my first domestic automaker, tbh. I'd love to stick with them. Maybe I'll just run these wheels into the ground. I don't have any complaints now - I honestly don't see what they can improve on what I have now.
  18. What would prevent you from buying the S650?

    I want to buy another V8 before the great gig in the sky. I wish it could be a Mustang. I also wish they would have learned sooner that we don't want to adjust the radio with an ipad, but with a knob. I fear it's too late now.
  19. Mustangs and Motorcycles . Let me see your bikes.

    Mine hides in my profile pic. 1991 Suzuki GSX1100G. Deal with the wife is I can't have *A* bike, but I can have *this* bike... it predates our marriage of 26 years. It's worked out pretty well so far.