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  1. Passing emissions with my Procharger

    It's the tune. Even if the rear o2's were kept on in your tune you'll still have trouble passing with an aftermarket tune. If you were to revert back to the stock tune the monitors would reset pretty quickly. I was in the same boat with my 2011 GT. Could not get the car to pass so I put it back...
  2. 4th gear is gone

    It won't be covered under warranty nor should it be.
  3. Fuel filter ?

    Correct, there is a dipstick.
  4. Best DR size with 3.73 gears

    You need a slick, not a radial.
  5. Dealer broke my Pedalmax device

    You should have removed it before taking it in for service. They should not be responsible for an aftermarket device you didn't make them aware of.
  6. 2016 GT automatic - differential housing installation effort

    You may find you actually like the 3.15's. I would give them a chance.
  7. I did it. 10s N/A - edit with video

    Very nice. Just goes to show you the 3.15's work just fine for drag racing.
  8. Fast 6R80 Guys, What Fluid?

    Amsoil is what I ran when I did my converter swap.
  9. Which converter for daily & some strip use

    A 4C will be perfect and just fine for daily driving.
  10. 0-60 Time with FRPP 2, 3.15 Auto, and other mods

    Of course you will. 1st gear in the auto is 4.17, that's pretty steep. Plus your 305's probably have to short of a sidewall.
  11. Anyone running anything higher than 3.73's?

    Ted knows a lot about the newer Camaros but is clueless on the newer Mustangs say 2011 to present time. Plus he overcharges for his work and parts. And God forbid you let him tune your car...........
  12. Anyone running anything higher than 3.73's?

    4.09's? Way too much gear. I'm afraid to ask what shop recommended them. Jannety LOL?
  13. Performance expectations on Base GT non-PP AT

    I ran an 11.2 with just a few bolt ons and my stock 3.15's. So no it's not the gearing.
  14. SCT SF3 tuner: will it work with Lund tune on '15 GT?

    The SCT X3 will not work on 15 to present cars.
  15. no retune needed after longtube install?!

    No retune is needed for longtubes, just as Lund said.
  16. 2015 GTPP clutch related issues!

    Crank relearn needs to be done after a clutch install.
  17. S550 Power Packs

    You can't do anything with the TPMS because they work through the BCM, not the PCM.
  18. Need opinions please.

    The 3.73's are going to be detrimental as they'll more than likely force a shift into 4th gear dropping you out of your powerband. I would go with a shorter tire but something is definitely not right. My 60' was 1.5 with a 4C converter and 3.15's.