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  1. 526 HRSE

    What is the sale value? Gt350 supplements

    For sure petty. First asking about how much he can get for it, then gives an excuse of sentiment. Paid $100k for a gt500 and complaining about his dishwasher broke. I think we found someone that eats coal and shits out diamonds.
  2. 526 HRSE

    Ok, who was at Apple Hill?

    Where's my pie??
  3. 526 HRSE

    I just picked up a 2020 GT500... My dad had to get one too!

    Nice, my son is waiting for his 69 Mach 1
  4. 526 HRSE


    Banked $2600 today. Up nearly $10k in the past 2 weeks.
  5. 526 HRSE

    Have you named your GT350?

    What does she call your actual girlfriend?
  6. 526 HRSE

    New 2020 GT350 HEP engine failure

    Yeah, well i bought 16 c8's this year. Every single one of them had engine failure and you just need to take my word for it. I will not be answering any questions regarding this.
  7. 526 HRSE

    Twister Orange Caliper Color

    Wrap the calipers? I can't imagine that would last long due to the heat. I've read to paint them, not powder coat them. Outside of orange, i don't know. I like the idea of matching the pin stripe, but i can't picture any of the colors you're mentioning, outside of maybe blue.
  8. 526 HRSE

    Have you named your GT350?

    My family calls it "Racecar"
  9. 526 HRSE

    New 2019 w/600 miles

    You're the one putting them sideways. I don't think anyone cares that you're a super duper car buyer. It seems that $5k you saved is life altering for you.
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    Black with matte stripes is one of my favorites. Your avatar looks a lot different. Did you get popped for no front plate?
  11. 526 HRSE

    2020 Shelby GT350 Engine Replacement (Dropped Valve)

    Why not post it here? Are you worried about privacy? Lol
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    If you want your car to look regular, take them off.
  13. 526 HRSE

    Reporting on Reliability

    "I'm on my 19th gt350 and all of them blew an engine within the first 64 miles" "I swear it wasn't my fault".
  14. 526 HRSE

    ANY new licence plate ideas for the GT350

    And my plates are...... 526 HRSE Of course
  15. 526 HRSE

    ANY new licence plate ideas for the GT350

    Custom plates. Great idea. Too bad DMV can't seem to get their heads out their ass. Ordered mine many months ago, still nothing.
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    R&T stated that Voodoo is close to 600HP instead of 526HP

    I'm guessing he doesn't even know how to drive a stick. lol
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    I wanted a heritage edition until I saw this. Now I can't unsee it.

    The 500 is a great looking car, no doubt, but it's completely different than the 350. The 500 seems to have piggy backed Chevy with their "sharp" edges. I personally am a Challenger guy more than a Camaro guy. I like nostalgia over futuristic.
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    GT350 WHEEL HOP?

    Same. I don't get what all the hub bub is about these tires. I can get sideways and never even make a sound.
  19. 526 HRSE

    Price check 2020 gt350

    California weather, definitely ventilated seats for me.