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  1. Dominant1

    Goodbye to Ford...2018 Mustang Gt ownership

    Good luck with the Charger, they're nice cars. Bolt-on a Procharger and takedown hellcats all day long.
  2. Dominant1

    Debating between GT350R and ZL1 1LE. Thoughts?

    Get the boosted car over the N/a Car..The zl1e is a better handling car on the track but a hard-riding car on the street.
  3. Dominant1

    Car got banged up a little. Time for new parts.

    Yeah i never drive any backroads at night. Always take the main thurofares. deer are attracted to light and when you see em, most times its to late.
  4. Dominant1

    Car got banged up a little. Time for new parts.

    Wait, you can outrun Camaro’s Challenger’s, and Chargers, and you got bested by a deer 🦌... lol
  5. Dominant1

    What Songs make you want to drive fast ?

    The song of my Procharger D1x whine and tial bov, makes me want to drive faster.
  6. Dominant1

    Mustang GT Stock Intercooler. Worth Replacing?

    An Aftermarket intercooler is big part of getting more power out of that stock turbo. It only took a bigger intercooler and tuning to get a stock 2020 explorer into the 12’s.. Go for it!!!
  7. Dominant1

    Lund and Sai Li fuel system..

    I never heard anything about lund not willing to tune a Sai li fuel system..
  8. Dominant1

    Theoretical Idea

    The dct trans is 70lbs heavier then the 10r80, and at this point you cant tune it to dead leave without lag..
  9. Dominant1

    Report: Next gen S650 Mustang will have full 8 year life cycle

    One thing it wont have is a lower price...
  10. Dominant1

    It’s coming... 3 States have now banned future combustion engine car sales

    Thanks to Joe and his mafia crew, the good ol USA will become one big autonomous zone..
  11. Dominant1

    5Spurs GT500 Shifter Dial Mystery Solved...

    Get in touch with company explain to them what happened and demand they tell you how they got your info. This is forced marketing. Doesn’t matter if the product is top notch. They have your identity and have used it for a review and they know where you live. Also check to see if the product was...
  12. Dominant1

    Best throttle body for a 2016 GT with a 18+ manifold on it.

    I have a stock 2016 gt tb i will sell you for $150.00, pm me if interested.
  13. Dominant1

    New personal best with Procharger P1X

    simply awesome man, what pulley and what did the car dyno at?
  14. Dominant1

    Yes females drive mustangs, you need to . . . educate yourself

    of course, females drive mustangs, and men drive Prius's, what's with the gender wars? Money knows no race creed color or sex. you can buy what you want.
  15. Dominant1

    Looking to trade my 2018 Dodge Charger scatpack for 2020 mustang gt

    My gen 2 coyote has never ticked or rattled.. runs perfect even with 12lbs of boost with over 820 crank hp..
  16. Dominant1

    Replacement AGM Battery?

    I google it & I saw nothing that said the correct designated battery for our cars needed to be programmed.
  17. Dominant1

    Replacement AGM Battery?

    My original battery will be 5 years old this July its not showing any signs of old age!!
  18. Dominant1

    Replacement AGM Battery?

    There no reprogramming involved with switching a battery, just make sure you don't cross negative and positive..
  19. Dominant1

    Replacement AGM Battery?

    This is the best agm battery out there, you’ll pay alittle more but you get what you pay for...
  20. Dominant1

    Looking to trade my 2018 Dodge Charger scatpack for 2020 mustang gt

    Euro trash .. who can afford it.. just give me an Old paint (hidalgo) car and make it a world beater , just like the real horse did!!!