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  1. Transmission or Torque converter issue?

    For a while now after I start my car and put it in drive, it barely moves and seems to rev up to over 2k rpm without even hardly moving the car. After about 30 seconds of like barely being able to move it starts acting normal.. Im pretty confused by this since after its all warmed up it acts...
  2. Weird transmission or torque converter issue

    For the last few days right after I start my car and put it in drive, it barely moves and seems to rev up to over 2k rpm without even hardly the car moving. After about 30 seconds of like barely being able to move it starts acting basically normal.. Im pretty confused by this since after its...
  3. Florida OEM 2018 pp1 wheels and custom tires

    Excellent condition OEM PP1 Wheels and tires 19x9.5 and 19x9 with 275 40 19 Michelin Pilot Sport 4s tires on the rear and Pzero Corsa 265 40 19 on the front. Wheels are a bit dusty but in excellent condition. Tires are in good shape at least half tread left. $1300 shipped to the continental 48...
  4. Found this metal on my oil plug. What is this?

    Car seems to run fine but this was on my plug. What is this and what should I do? Any ideas? Thanks
  5. Powerstop z26 vs Hawk performance ceramic for street, my review

    Powerstop are better in every way. Hawk squealed more, dusted more and overall didnt last long. Z26 are practically silent, less dust, much better bite. I had to adjust my braking pressure after switching to the powerstop z26 because they bite harder. So in my opinion z26 are far superior...
  6. Absolutely legendary Nascar last lap finish

    Guy went from 10th place to 4th place on the last lap pulling the ballsiest move in nascar history. Top 4 finishers go to a championship race.
  7. Close call last year

    Was wot for like 4 seconds then full braking , once I realized braking wasnt enough I let off the brakes and steered slightly left into the shoulder. audio in the vid is slightly delayed approx 1 sec off not sure why. Hopefully this helps other people avoid this type of close call.
  8. Oil on spark plug?

    I recently had the spark plugs changed out on my whippled 18 gt and noticed one of the plugs had more oil on the threads than the rest of the plugs. Car seems to run fine I changed the plugs just because I wanted to see how they were doing. I think the gap on the plugs seems to have gotten...
  9. DA vs Temperature

    I have a question about DA vs temperature. I am wondering if -1000 DA in 50 degree weather is exactly the same in terms of performance as -1000 DA in 35 degree weather? Will a car be faster in the cooler temps or does that not matter if the DA is the same?
  10. Florida WTB OEM GT350 mufflers with actuators

    WTB oem gt350 mufflers with the actuators
  11. Another crowd gets the full mustang experience

    Alright who was it this time? This is why I tell people to keep advancetrac on. You can do 400+ foot rolling burnouts with advancetrac on if you keep it straight enough.
  12. Does rear/front ride height difference affect weight distribution?

    If you lower the rear of the car do you shift some of the weight distribution to the rear?
  13. 10r80 1st gear delete tune?

    I have a whipple with ~750+ rwhp and I am wondering if I should use a 2nd gear leave tune, or what HP a 2nd gear leave tune would be beneficial at? On the street 1st and 2nd are useless and if its below like 70* 3rd is useless too even with DR's unless the surface is good quality. Just...
  14. Traction control bad for the motor when boosted?

    Ive heard from my tuner and installer that having TCS on can be bad for the motor. What do you guys think? Harmful to the motor to keep TCS on and have it kick in often? I would hope it wouldn't be harmful but it would definitely kick in a lot. I usually keep tcs off but advancetrac on.
  15. Higher rpm with less boost, or lower RPM with more boost, which is easier on the motor?

    I am wondering if its better to have a higher RPM shift point with lower boost vs a lower RPM shift point with more boost. Higher rev example : 8000 rpm shift point with 10 psi Higher boost example : 7500 rpm shift point with 12 psi I have revved to 8k+ hundreds of times with no problem but...
  16. Tramlining with 295s on the front

    I recently went to a wider setup and put 295 35 20s on the front with 20x10s and there is a very noticeable increase in tramlining compared to my prior fronts which were 265 40 19's on 19x9's.. Mainly when merging on on-ramps and highway stuff at higher speeds. Wondering if there is anything...
  17. Blackstone oil analysis after SC

    Here is my blackstone labs oil analysis after installing a whipple gen 5 on my 18 with ~39k miles on the car. Pretty happy with it considering this was all hard driving with 750+ rwhp on e85 Also went from 0w30 to 5w50 amsoil signature series when the SC was installed. All analysis also had...
  18. 10r80 dripping transmission fluid occasionally?

    My car has been leaving small amounts of transmission fluid on the garage floor randomly after jacking it up and letting it down, and sometimes when it just sits overnight. I cant see where the drip is coming from but its near where the oil plug is. I happen to also have an oil leak but there...