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  1. Auction shill bid goes wrong

    LMAO... Just goes to show how crooked online and similar car auctions are: Man Selling G-Class On BaT Accidentally Bids On Own Car And Wins https://carbuzz.com/news/man-selling-g-class-on-bat-accidentally-bids-on-own-car-and-wins
  2. Total loss payout examples?

    @Cory S Whoa. Damn. Sorry to see/hear about it Cory!!! So glad you're here and able to post though, I mean that's a nasty wreck for certain! Glad you're ok (as ok as can be coming away from something like that!). Ok, so if the ride had mods - the best thing I can offer is this: Tally up...
  3. How are your seats holding up

    My 2018's Ceramic Leather is in the same condition as yours; only have 39k on mine... I use Griots 3-in-1 Leather Cleaner/Conditioner with a microfiber... never an issue and I see absolutely no wear or problems. --- The seats in Post # 2 above... wow.... I mean, are you wearing sandpaper...
  4. Mach 1 Got Shot Up Chasing Thieves

    Better get some dash cams - front and rear ...
  5. Tired of black wheels need a change

    Here ya go - many images of non-black wheels... https://www.mustang6g.com/forums/threads/show-me-your-non-black-aftermarket-rims.80656/
  6. Thinking of selling #962

    Depends on: - overall condition - ownership history - VIN report history (any logged events) - If original owner, does it have all 50th Anniversary paperwork and welcome kit, car cover, etc. that would have come with it when new. - 6R80 vs MT82 - White vs Blue - How low of a Build # The market...
  7. "S550Euros.com"?.......... Anyone heard of them or dealt with???

    Always research a vendor website via Whois or other means necessary. There's way too many scams happening lately everywhere and most of these fly by night companies are doing drop ships. Drop ship means they are sourcing the part from the original manufacturer, a knock off manufacturer or...
  8. First 2024 Crash

    Ford had an "official" account here too - as they do on every new forum for every new product roll out. They are there to appease the new car owner complaints or issues - then after 8mos to a year, they disappear from the forum (just as they did on this one). You should have seen them jumping...
  9. Repair or replace?

    or just source a same rim replacement on eBay and use the curbed for your full size spare.
  10. Loss of acceleration

    Check for missing brake pedal or clutch pedal bumper pads... there's a few threads in here about those which can cause sporadic problems when driving.
  11. No crank no start in coyote swap ecoboost

    I would check the following thread that contains some good non-start links which could help you out:: https://www.mustang6g.com/forums/threads/sos-car-won’t-start-solved.174650/#post-3536784 And if you don't have a code reader (yet), you can sometimes extract the codes from the dash cluster...
  12. 2024. White

    Ew. $55k for an iPad on wheels... Did the MPG rating decrease?
  13. New purchase...

    There was decent advice given in this thread. The only "problem" with lumping in any ESP Warranty on a financed car is this: Doesn't matter if you canceled it and did get a refund - that amount that was initially lumped into the loan, you're STILL paying the upcharge in your monthly payment...
  14. Considering selling my 2019 GT Premium. Private Party Market for stock cars anymore?

    Lots of cars are sitting and rotting on lots - not to mention people who need to finance and don't have fluid cash are holding back on their purchase due to ridiculous used car interest rates... The "flipping" market isn't what it was 8mos to 1 year ago where people/dealers were paying idiotic...
  15. what is this sound

    H U G E 48-page thread here for anything/everything anyone needs to know about the "tick".... https://www.mustang6g.com/forums/threads/per-ford-officially-the-2011-2019-f150-mustang-5-0-%E2%80%9Ctypewriter-tick%E2%80%9D-is-a-normal-characteristic.116925/ And what may be heard in audio over an...
  16. Deep sleep mode

    Updated Deep Sleep Mode SSM 51725
  17. 2022-23 S550: DTC P0230

    If you have a 2022-2023 S550 and get a DTC P0230:
  18. SSM 51712 - 2022-23 Convertible top

    SSM 51712 2022-2023 Mustang – Power Close Operation Ends 1 To 4 Inches From The Windshield Header And Requires Extra Effort To Latch See pdf
  19. Interesting doc/notification for SPL aftermarket front lower control arms

    For users/owners of SPL front control arms, SPL submitted document to NHTSA (attached pdf); applicable to 2015-2023 Ford Mustang (and 3 other vehicle manufacturers). SPL's official TSB 23-01 statement on their site (and dame attached as : https://www.splparts.com/tsb-2301/