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  1. Best way to Jack up S550

    I had these in my wish list (bunch of browser bookmarks, lol) but the shipping to Canada is almost as much as the rails themselves 😳
  2. Sexy/Unique 6 speed Shift Knob

    So I guess I'm the only one who doesn't have any issues with the stock shift knob? :question:
  3. Where is the lane keeping button

    I literally did not even know my car had this until I pushed the button by mistake the other day. I immediately pushed it again, I want me to drive my car, not some low level software analyst :P
  4. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    If he's resorting to using a handsaw, I think things didn't go exactly according to plan :)
  5. Opinions on lifetime wheel alignment

    Not sure why you would need that many alignments unless you're constantly changing your camber/toe-in, etc?
  6. Smart to wait on getting a S650 GT?

    Having bought the first model year of the 6th gen Bronco, I'd say get ready for lots of recalls with the S650 for the first couple of years.
  7. My Buddy, Me, & TESLA model X

    Not often I see Manitoba plates on here :)

    Tact? I answered the OP's question and gave them the page out of the manual it came from, because clearly they couldn't find the answer. If you think I was being mean or insulting then you must be pretty sensitive.

    Might want to try reading that book in your glovebox... Page 96
  10. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    After a week of solid rain, I decided to drive it to work (make fun of me if you will, but my car doesn't see rain lol)
  11. Ford Accessory Dual 7" Matte clear stripes?

    Just wondering if anyone had tried them. I did a search on here by the part number and didn't see any hits. Would love to see pics, particularly in shadow black if someone has them :) Stipe-Dual Over The Top, 7" Hood, Matte Clear VPR3Z-6320000-A I've got some ford pass points, thought maybe...
  12. Delusions of grandeur

    If you want to go down that road, you'd be driving a 1987 Toyota Tercel.
  13. Hypothetical “which car(s) would you prefer and why” question

    Must be nice to have these sort of "problems" to deal with :)
  14. GT350 “easy” to steal?

    Don't need bear traps, just need a bear to sit in the car when you're gone... Interior might suffer some.
  15. Did they ruin this GT500 or do you like it?

    What am I looking at? It just looks like a GT500 to me.
  16. Mid-Engine Mustang to Debut

    So I guess I'm the only one who thinks that GTD thing looks hideous? :thumbsdown:
  17. Marti report now available for S-550's

    I'm more of a Mustang "owner" than a Mustang "enthusiast". Had never heard of a marti report. :cwl:
  18. This guy insulted my wife and I over my car today

    And stuff like this is why forums are the closest I get to social media...
  19. What do you do when people give you a thumbs up

    Hasn't happened, and I wouldn't do anything if it did?
  20. Can you hold a dealer accountable on a used car?

    As far as I'm aware, you would need an OBD2 tool to reset the CEL, you can buy them cheap (or likely borrow/rent one from autozone or similar)