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  1. Good quality Aluminum paddle shifters?

    Why not the GT500 paddle shifters?
  2. 2022 GT500 Auction Values

    It would be a dealer auction which is different than BAT, but someone might be willing to spend money to pick it up and try and put a premium on it though.
  3. GT500 Track Wheels

    I would also advocate for Apex wheels. While I have no personal expierence, I know they are very popular in the Boss community and have made their way into the GT359 community as well. They are also JWL VIA and TUV certified for quality assurance.
  4. Lowering springs for GT500

    From what I have gathered from this and other threads, my understanding is the CFTP springs really seem like the way to go if you are interested int he dual function of lowering and track performance. The BMR springs aren't all that great on track and the Steeda springs left something to be...
  5. Maybe I'm in the minority opinion; I don't think the Base GT500 is a "great" track car

    I think there are a few people here who are upset at the notion that a GT500 isn't a track car considering it is seemingly the fastest Mustang that Ford has put out on a track. The GT owners chiming in though. No, I don't think the base GT500 is a track car, and neither is the Z06. The Z06 is...
  6. Shelby (by Borla) GT500 Cat-back Exhaust installed (+ video sound clip)

    You better get us some videos with the "recent" snow, there's still all sorts of salt on the roads up here so we're relying on you for some more videos.
  7. Review: Extreme Online Store CFTP wing and Archetype Racing Hyperion mounts

    The wing looks killer!! I'm glad to hear that you got everything resolved with your charge back. Are these mounts taller than the GT4 mounts? How did you modify the EOS dog bones?
  8. Chronicles: 350 to 500

    In addition to what KB said, there is no indentation on our oil pan to need the adapter. I mean, there is an indentation, but not what they're talking about. Although it looks like you figured that out already, but for future reference.
  9. Chronicles: 350 to 500

    Before I say something and make a mistake, let me find the thread so I'm 100% sure. That appears to be the correct model number.
  10. Chronicles: 350 to 500

    Yes, it's the one in my post above
  11. Chronicles: 350 to 500

    I definitely will. Once it gets nice out, I plan on doing my oil change and adding this on there.
  12. Chronicles: 350 to 500

    Correct. You replace your oil drain plug with this and then when it comes time to drain the oil, the tube allows you to do so without getting oil all over the splash shield.
  13. Chronicles: 350 to 500

    I have these, which should make oil changes easier. I haven't changed my oil yet. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01HP5V10A?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01JTEOQAC?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details
  14. Used Pricing

    This is just ridiculous face tattoo syndrome
  15. Original Brittany Blue Photo

    When you get the two of them in the right light, they are pretty close.
  16. Original Brittany Blue Photo

    In the right light, the HE BB looks very similar in my mind's eye to an all-original 67 GT500 that frequented the local car shows in Long Island for 10+ years. When I see restored Brittany Blue Shelby's, the paint looks much different than what I remember the original paint looking like. The...
  17. Extreme Online Store Forged CFTP wing had arrived

    Nice! Did they say if they ever tested this model on a track, kind of like AC?
  18. Shelby (by Borla) GT500 Cat-back Exhaust installed (+ video sound clip)

    I think you may be right Jamie. This may be the option for people who are up against a db limit at the track like Lime Rock. It sounds amazing, but not too much louder than stock. I may have to ask Shelby to include it in my car when it is there for the SE Package.
  19. Mecum CFTP Heritage

    I would push back on that one. I placed my order for a base HE. No options as I didn't want any material holdups to cause it to be canceled, just the HE and my order was still denied by Ford, but my dealer received an allocation for a "regular" GT500. Another dealer who was "on standby" placed 2...
  20. Mecum CFTP Heritage

    Could anyone order and get a HE?