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  1. Torque Wrench Recommendations

    What torque wrenches do you all use? I'm using this guy. Just noticed it's missing a screw in the ratchet head. It's pretty old and the torque spec indentations are somewhat vague. I use it for lugs, brakes, hubs, oil filter and other random DIY maintenance. Not rebuilding engines or...
  2. New Jersey Mustang GT Premium Wheels $700

    These are the OEM 20" Premium Wheels Mustang GT. 265/35/20 Goodyears. tires have life left on them. Wheels have minor rash to be expected for 20k+ miles of use. No plugs, no dry rot, no uneven wear. Perfectly balanced. Include center caps, TPMS, and lugs. $700 local pick up but willing to meet...
  3. GT500 Carbon Fiber Rear Wheel $3500

    Rear wheel from a 2022 GT500 CFTP. Wheel is as perfect as you will find outside of a parts department. No damage. No curb rash. No scratches. No factory defects. Even the lug nut seats are near perfect. Late 2021 production code. Wheel comes with TPMS sensor and center cap. Wheel is located...
  4. 2016 GT350 R Infestation!

    All you people who store your cars for the winter better get out the flashlight and mechanical pickup grabber probe.... I got around to digging through my engine compartment. This could've been a fire... WTF!!!??? I just got the car a few weeks ago and didn't think this would even be a thing...
  5. Ford Mustang Accessories Parts Facebook

    Has anyone done business with this Facebook vendor? I see they have lots of parts, but don't see any reviews.
  6. New Jersey Nitto 555 G2s 305 & 285 19s $600

    305 35 19 date codes 35/20 & 33/20 285 35 19 date codes 45/20 & 44/20 Tire are like new. No wear, no plugs. Were my spare GT350 set. Maybe 2000 miles max. Excellent deal. Northern NJ. Willing to meet up in the tri state. $600.
  7. New Jersey SVE R350 for GT350 & GT350R

    SVE R350 wheels two 10 x 19s and two 11 x 19 with Nitto 555 G2 tires. Less than 1000 miles. No burnouts. Includes GT350 TPMS sensors and OEM Shelby GT350 center caps. These are for GT350 and GT350R. 2020 date codes. They also fit really well on GTs. Thank you @traktrbeam. Minor rash in one...
  8. Hurricane Ian

    Thinking of all the members like @stanglife & @Tomster down there in Florida. This storm turned out to be a monster keep yourselves safe and by all means, protect those Shelbys. 😉 I'm sure it's not your first hurricane, but if it's what they're reporting, it's one for the records. Please...
  9. New Jersey PP2 Style Front Splitter

    This is an aftermarket chin splitter. Bolts right up to a PP1 or PP2 style front bumper. Had it my 2019 PP1 convertible. Not sure if it adds any downforce, but it definitely adds character. Nice piece if cosmetic jewelry for your car. $50. Local or meet up.
  10. New Jersey Michelin Pilot Sport 4S PP1 Front tires $200

    Lots of life left. These are off my 2019 PP1 convertible with 7000 miles on it when removed. Stored indoors for the past year. No uneven wear. Nice set of tires. 1719 and 1819 date codes. Willing to meet up within an hour or so of Northern NJ. Rears are sold. $200 for 2 nice front tires.
  11. New Jersey SVE350 wheels $1500

    Continental Extremecontact Sport tires. Less than 2k miles on them. Little to no wear on tires. Minor blemishes on wheels. Sold car they were on. See pics of wheels on my cars. ---- Tires date code is 4321 for the 285s and 3121 for the 295s. Little no no wear. ---- Wheels are in Gloss...
  12. New Jersey Jacking Rails Convertible Steeda

    Excellent condition. Less than a year on the car. These are specific to the S550 convertible cars. All hardware. Local pick up. I'm happy to meet up half way within an hour or so of northern NJ. $150
  13. Don't Drink and Drive on Your GT500 Wheels Like Marshawn Lynch

    So that's what happens to carbon fiber wheels when you hit a curb, a pothole, and keep driving.... https://www.tmz.com/2022/08/09/marshawn-lynch-car-missing-flat-tires-dui-arrest/
  14. Multiple Codes and Dealership Trust...

    @Cobra Jet @honeybadger @Tomster @shogun32 @Houston Kid @Ewheels @The Chairman @Bikeman315 @ChitownStang @rxsamg @Seanuf99 @Epiphany and anyone else that can intelligently chime in, please do... My 2018 GT car's check engine light went on and my Fordpass logged 5 different "Service Engine...
  15. New Jersey WTB Splitter Wickers

    WTB a set of splitter wickers for a GT500...
  16. Happy Father's Day to all Mustang Owners

    Hope all you mustang owner dads are having a good day. Check out this awesome Dad project. No one better complain about their MT-82 or low RPM lack of torque. This thing is amazing....
  17. Undisclosed Track Attack Car

    If anyone has or knows the where abouts of a former or current track attack car for sale, please PM me. I'm interested in acquiring one to enjoy. Any color, any condition, any model.
  18. New York International Auto Show

    It got passed me somehow that this weekend was the NY International Auto Show in NYC at the Javitz. Did anyone attend? If so, did Ford have any mustangs displayed? I can't find any content online either from the NYIAS site or on any social media. I did see they displayed a special edition...
  19. Unleaded 88... problems?

    Anybody use this stuff yet? First time seeing it for sale, Ohio, Sheetz. I did a quick Google search, haven't read cars owners manual yet. Anyone experience problems or are concerned they will? I avoided it for my EcoBoost F150 today, and went with 87. Opinions please.
  20. Brittany Blue GT500 Heritage real world photos

    Here's something to chew on till orders start showing up.... 2022 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 In Brittany Blue: Real World Gallery https://fordauthority.com/2022/03/2022-ford-mustang-shelby-gt500-in-brittany-blue-real-world-gallery/