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  1. 2018 Engine Swap

    Its really pleasant that you can pull the motor on these from the top.
  2. Torsen diff. vs. Track-Loc

    Yup, it's very fine though.
  3. Autocross

    As someone who has autocrossed, I recommend leaving the assists on for at least half a dozen events, lol. It's tempting to just switch everything off right away, but unless you're already a pro, the car behaves COMPLETELY differently with all the assists off and you'll probably explode some...
  4. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    That's in awesome condition. Tropic green is a rare color too.
  5. Torsen diff. vs. Track-Loc

    Trak Lok WILL wear out eventually, sooner depending how hard you beat on it. Torsen is just...better, lol. But if it makes you feel better, a replacement trak lok unit is like $150. I just serviced mine after 8k of running wide and sticky tires out back (and a lot of curvy roads), and there was...
  6. 5.0 Coyote chirp / tic on start up

    Check your spark plug tightness to be safe
  7. Aftermarket 10r80 Transmission Cooler Issues?

    Have you ever bothered to log trans temp? That will give you a lot of info as to what's going on
  8. 2020 Mustang GT Oil Consumption

    Part of me wonders how much Ford switching to 5W30 as the spec made a difference. My car seems to love 5W30 over the 20 weight, since the burn rate drops dramatically.
  9. Corsa active extreme or AWE Touring

    Most people that do Extreme+ headers regret it, it's just too much. Corsa Sport on the other hand pairs pretty well with headers
  10. Brand Loyalty…2nd Place.

    I'm actually a meguiars guy. It's well priced and readily available, while being a solid 8/10 quality wise. If I had to switch it would probably switch to carpro.
  11. Corsa active extreme or AWE Touring

    They're completely different though. I'd choose AWE touring all day, but that's because I'm not partial to the corsa sound
  12. JJ with a new 8 sec personal best with his Paxton NOVI 2200SL Supercharger

    Somewhere between 69 seconds and 420 seconds I'd wager.
  13. I am not going to get the Ford Protect (ESP). Am I crazy?

    It's true, my premium care already paid for itself. Rear tail light had to be replaced, list price is $1200 something lol
  14. 2020 Mustang GT Oil Consumption

    Most manufacturers have that same type of clause now in the manual. In the beginning when the 2018 refresh first came out, Ford had a different definition of excessive, which was 1 quart in 3000 miles. They were replacing engines left and right for the F150, so they changed it to that. It's...
  15. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    My engine seems to be doing well, so that's nice. The Valvoline EP is good stuff. Super high moly content. Gonna keep using it, since it's available locally unlike Pennzoil UP.
  16. 2020 Mustang GT Oil Consumption

    I think it has something to do with the tolerances between the cylinder and the piston rings. Not all gen 3 burn oil, just some do. Some are worse than others. Probably just manufacturing variances. I think it's one of the reasons Ford switched the spec back to 5W30 in 2021. Seems like most of...
  17. 2020 Mustang GT Oil Consumption

    My car is about a quart to quart and a half every 5,000 miles lol. It's annoying but otherwise doesn't really matter much. I scoped every cylinder and they all looked the same, same with plugs. Only burns if I'm beating on it. 2000 miles of normal driving doesn't burn a drop. Oh well.
  18. Does your S550 have Active Nibble Control enabled?

    Does changing steering modes affect anything?
  19. Speedometer not accurate

    That's a pretty negligible change with summer tires that don't have that much tread depth to begin with lol
  20. Electric for everyone - the impossible dream

    I thought tax credits just reduced your liability? Much like the standard deduction does that most poor/middle class people opt for. The gov only taxes a certain portion of your gross income. So any credits that stack on top means your taxable income for the year decreases. It doesn't mean you...