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  1. New York Grabber Lime touch up paint

    Free for the cost of shipping or free pickup in NYC. Motorcraft GL stick and a tube of Duplicator flat back ( for trim)
  2. New York Reverse logic lug guides

    I have 2 of these: https://reverselogic.ecwid.com/Female-Threaded-Lug-Guide-Tool-p33249836 I have no current use for them, so free to the first taker for the price of shjpping. Probably around $10 Free for local pickup in NYC. Brand new and never used.
  3. New York 5 spurs KR cupholder armrest cover

    Mint condition 5 spurs Cup holder cover/ armrest. Black leather with white stitching. $75 plus shipping. https://5spurs.com/store/usa/2018-to-2022-Mustang-KR-Armrest-p141489100 20191014_155127 by chefjpd, on Flickr
  4. Android auto

    Anyone have a recent change with the AA connection? Mine is direct USB. I used to have spotify on my sync screen and Waze on my mounted phone. Today, it blanked my phone and only allowed apps on the main screen. Had to toggle between them on my sync screen. No great dilemma, but ??????
  5. New York Boomba transmission mount, street

    For sale, A new Boomba transmission mount for all S550 Mustangs with 6 speed manuals. This is a 60 durometer bushing. Street version. Will include extra lower bolts for those with a D4 if you want to get rid of the giant balancing weighf. $100 plus shipping from 11235. 20220316_190136 by...
  6. New York FS: Niche Essen / Conti DWS06 19x10 square

    For sale Excellent condition Niche Essen 19x10 et 35 square setup Conti DWS 06 275/40/19 About 10k miles, plenty of tread left. No plugs or tire issues. Includes TPMS, and will include 20 black lug nuts and a full bott!e of Dr. Beasley's matte wheel cleaner. Absolutely no curb rash, only flaws...
  7. New York AFE panel air filter

    AFE dry panel air filter from my 2020 Gt. 1000 miles on it. Perfect condition. Probably fits every S550 airbox. $35 shipped. 20211217_152949 by chefjpd, on Flickr
  8. New York 2020 GT throttle body

    Factory throttle body from a 2020 GT. Used for 4000 miles, perfect condition. $80 shipped 20211217_152923 by chefjpd, on Flickr 20211217_152913 by chefjpd, on Flickr
  9. New York 2020 Heated steering wheel

    For sale: Stock leather(?) Steering wheel from my 2020 GT Includes wiring and connectors for factory heat. In perfect condition. $60 shipped 20211217_153311 by chefjpd, on Flickr 20211217_153333 by chefjpd, on Flickr 20211217_153338 by chefjpd, on Flickr
  10. 2020 Gt stock intake

    Free for local pickup. I need this gone......used for 4000 miles 2020 GT airbox, mid tube, aem filter, throttle body. Bottoms coated with heat reflective tape 20211013_165100 by chefjpd, on Flickr
  11. New York Door sills, lighted my color premium

    For sale: Backlit door sills from my 2020 GT premium. Used but in mint condition Factory connectors included. Works perfecfly, I installed Ford Performance replacements. Interesting Under hood project for those inclined. Feeling generous, these are$250 plus new $50 plus shipping anywhere...
  12. New York TKO Blockit trunk mat

    Used, about 8 months old In excellent condition. Configured for trunk subwoofer Free for local pickup If not gone in a week or so, $75 plus shipping https://www.tkoperformance.com/2015-2021-Mustang-Blockit%E2%84%A2-Quick-Quiet-Mat_p_2008.html 20211013_164916 by chefjpd, on Flickr
  13. New York 2020 factory intake

    Intake from my 2020 GT 4000 miles, like new Includes: Airbox, aem filter, intake tube, throttle body, MAF. $100 local pickup $150 plus shipping non local, Big Box. 20211013_165100 by chefjpd, on Flickr 20211013_165106 by chefjpd, on Flickr Will part but prices will higher Also, the gold is...
  14. New York Brembo front brake pads: Free

    I am giving away a set of used front brake pads and clips from my 2020 GT PP1 Will fit any Brembo calipers from 2015 to 2021 They have 3000 gentle miles on them. Plenty of pad left. Come pick them up free of charge. Will entertain shipping if not.picked up in 2 weeks. 20210914_103710 by...
  15. New York Trunk mounted pump /flat fix

    Free, I said free..... https://www.mustang6g.com/forums/threads/flat-fix-pump-slime-kit.162098/
  16. New York Flat fix pump / slime kit

    This is the fix.a flat kit that came.from the factory in the trunk. Came out of my 2020. Like new condition. I opted for a real spare. This.can be had FREE, yes I said FREE. Local pick up or drop off. Will consider shipping at cost if no one local comes forward by next week. 20210702_093635 by...
  17. New York Trunk decklid panel GT

    This is a factory deck lid panel from my 2020 GT. I went for the blank panel look. This has the black GT logo. It is in excellent shape and has been ceramic coated. Because I'm that kind of guy, free for local pickup in NYC. If not taken in a week or 2, I will entertain shipping options(will not...
  18. New York Dr. Color Chip. Competition Orange...FREE

    Doing a closet cleaning and found a never used box of Dr. Color Chip from my old CO from 2016. Paint and sealant jars are full and still good. Free to an owner of this awesome color. As they say on TV, just pay shipping charges, or pick it up for free in Brooklyn, NY. 20210318_115257 by...
  19. New York Factory battery, like new, Free.......

    This is the factory battery out of my 2020 GT. BXT-96R-590 Had it in the car for 3 months, and swapped it out for an AGM. Fully watered and fully charged. FREE for pickup in Brooklyn, NY or short ride handoff. Ain't no way I'm shipping this 40# lump. 20210305_101837 by chefjpd, on Flickr
  20. New York Motive power bleeder

    Slightly used , in perfect condition: Motive Power Bleeder model 100 with adapter for Ford master cylinder. Perfect for a one person professional bleeding of the brakes. I used it to install Brembo's on my ex 16 EB PP. Includes caliper mounted catch can. $50 shipped to lower 48 USA. Or PR...