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  1. Michelin Pilot Sport 4S front tyres

    Have Michelin dropped the 255/40 R19 front tyre size from the Pilot Sport 4S range? Doesn't seem to be available on their own website or in stock with retailers. Maybe just a temporary glitch?
  2. Lane Assist

    As I have a 2019 car my Lane Assist function can be turned off and will not restart with the car. I assume the 2020 onwards cars have the automatic on on restart for Lane Assist? Perhaps somebody with a newer car can confirm? If it does, there is an easy way to turn it off without resorting to...
  3. Ford Pass App and second hand cars

    A word of warning ! If you buy a second hand car where the previous user has used the Ford Pass App, the previous owner still has access to the vehicle location and can unlock the car through the App ! It is easily fixed by doing a master reset on Sync3, but we have just bought a second hand...
  4. Sync V3.4 21020 available

    Quick heads up for 2019 onwards cars - Sync V3.4 21020 is now available for download
  5. Sync v3.4 (20282) now available in UK

    Latest version of Sync now available for download from the Ford UK update site. Sync V3.4 (20282) Ford SYNC & Maps Updates - Check For Updates | Ford UK
  6. USB drives for Sync updates

    I have discovered via another forum that USB drives used for Sync3 updates must be partitioned using MBR and not GPT. This may explain why some people struggle with certain USB drives when trying to do the update
  7. CO2 tax in France

    New tax rates in France for 2021 mean the new car tax on a Mustang will increase by €29,000 ! Don't reckon they will sell many more in France ! It was going to be €40,000 but protests got it reduced ! Don't tell Boris !
  8. Sync 3 daylight saving

    My sync 3 (v3.4 20136) automatically changed the clock for daylight saving this week - did anybody else's ? It always adjusts for time zone changes but I have never known it adjust for daylight saving. I did use the sat nav straight away on Sunday morning which may have done it ? The GPS is...
  9. OTA updates

    Does anybody know for sure whether Ford have implemented OTA software updates for in car modules yet ? Obviously Sync updates are happening but what about other modules in the car ?
  10. B&O 10" sub replacement guide

    The 10" OEM sub in the B&O equipped cars is generously described as low quality ! It is nothing more than a $12 paper cone speaker and is a huge weak link in the standard system with a horrible boomy muddy bass that overwhelms everything else. I have played around with settings and added...
  11. Kuga PHEV

    OK so I know this is a Mustang forum but ... I've just tested (and ordered) a Kuga PHEV. Very impressed by the driving experience which is seamless. Compared to the 190PS diesel it is significantly quicker and quieter. Feels well built and comfortable with a good ride / handling balance on the...
  12. Ford Sync V3.4 official update

    The Official Ford update for Sync has been released (in case anybody doesn't drift over to the ICE section of the forum) This will update 2019 cars from V3.3 to v3.4 and I assume update 2020 cars to the latest version of V3.4 It will not work for cars pre 2019 other than by using the cyanlabs...
  13. Is this the beginning of the end for Trump ?

    I can't help but think that the current events in the US will mark the beginning of the end for teflon Trump. He is arguably already on the edge and his current behaviour regarding the protests and rioting may just be the tipping point for his support. Of course the far right will back him, but...
  14. Noway to ban ICE sales from 2025

    Norway will ban the sales of all internal combustion engine cars from 2025. All electric or Hydrogen only after that date. UK moving the date forward as well to just after 2030. The next Mustang will be the last V8 powered one for sure now and even that will only have a short run in some countries.
  15. Sync v3.3 and DAB logos

    I am currently running the latest version of Sync v3.3 19052 updated via the Ford website. The car came with v3.2 originally so has the updated APIM. I have no DAB logos ! I drove a Fiesta loan car the other day with a slightly older version of v3.3 and when I put the VIN into Ford's site it...
  16. Sync 3 V3.4

    Has anybody received a Mustang with Sync3 V3.4 as a factory install yet ?
  17. Why no proper 401a premium package ?

    So why is it that RHD markets only get a half hearted premium package ? We get the door trims but not the premium leather, memory seats and wrapped dash tops. All seems a bit odd really as the parts don't seem to be specific to the steering wheel position.
  18. A10 lockup judder

    As the title says. Has anybody experienced a torque converter lockup judder with the A10. You may have had it without realising mind, so here is what happens.... The transmission needs to be properly hot (50 miles plus of driving and preferably some motorway work). Slow to a near stop and then...
  19. MY20 Mustang

    A few minor changes for MY20, mainly for the Ecoboost and a new 55 Edition that is just a standard car with a black roof and different wheels https://www.ford.co.uk/content/dam/guxeu/uk/documents/price-list/cars/PL-Mustang.pdf
  20. Suggested upgrades for MY20

    I contacted Ford about suggested improvements for MY20 and beyond and received a reply today. Specifically I mentioned front parking sensors, HFS and interior trim. This was the response: As you rightly point out, the Ford Mustang is engineered and built in the US, which does mean some...