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  1. My Mach 1 Track Attack Experience @ Ford Performance School

    Thanks for the answer!
  2. My Mach 1 Track Attack Experience @ Ford Performance School

    That's super cool, one of the reasons I was shopping for a Mach 1 last year. I ended up waiting for a Dark Horse, but I was curious if they mentioned continuing the class for the Dark Horse models at all? Over at M7G we have been hearing yes and no from different sources.
  3. Handling Package - not offered in 23

    Awesome! I bet you are thrilled. I have some experience with DWS06s, and I like them, but want to try the PS4S as well. I think that's what ill be replacing the Trofeos with. Share some pics when you have a chance!
  4. Handling Package - not offered in 23

    Hey congrats! I am curious on how you like the PS4s with the HP? Are they factory sized or square? Thinking of going that way when I get my HP.
  5. '23 order banks open again?

    Balance out is in March for MY2023 according to Ford Pro, and a dealer on M7G has shown a screen shot of March 31 being the balance out date. Take it with a grain of salt, the MY24 dates are wrong, but I have been told they are typically correct...
  6. 23 S550 Tracking Thread

    April 11th is Job 1 on S650 according to the latest info.
  7. 2023 Official Mach 1 Order Tracking Thread

    I wonder why you can't order a 23 HP? I wonder if theyvare not even going to do the HP for 23?
  8. 2023 Track attack.

    I have read over it a few times, and it is manual Mach 1s at the track attack. Additionally, if you do day 2 at an extra cost, it is a manual Mustang GT (with upgrades)
  9. Mach 1 quarter mile

    I hadn't seen this posted. Surely high 11s should be the norm at sea level right? Auto evolution mach 1 article
  10. S650 mule spotted..........with all wheel drive?

    That is exciting, after driving my wifes AWD sporty sedan (2017 Infiniti Q50 3.0t), I want an AWD Mustang. I will probably wait and see if is offered with a v8 or hybrid before settling for a RWD GT in 2022. Hope the information comes out in early 2022 and not late 2022.
  11. Carbon Wheel Experience Regarding Damage

    I'm assuming yes, but do the CF and base wheels have the same clearance?
  12. A little better look at Craig Jackson's Hornet Green 2020 GT500!

    I thought i read in another thread that the CF wheels aren't put on until last/later and that is what this will have in the end?
  13. GT500 and GT350 on the Track

    Sorry to detract from the arguing, but holy crap she is fast...wow. Thanks for the share, that is a Camaro killer in factory form. Oh damn, i forgot, it is now competing against the Corvette. Funny how that works. Good job Ford, impressive.
  14. Anyone see or have picture of trunk

    I wish I was this way. I NEED the tech. I'm a software engineer so I enjoy having the newest tech. The dang weight though, it's hard being a techie and a car guy. Also a disclaimer, I'm not in the market for a GT500. I do love it though, and am in the market for a new GT and have a hard time...
  15. Orange Fury Vs Twister Orange?

    Twister looks better in pics to me, ive seen orange fury in person, looks too yellow. Like previously stated, twister looks in between fury and comp orange as far as yellow and red tint.
  16. Official Colors. whats this one!?

    With gold tinted headlights:)
  17. Leaked 2020 GT500 Ford Commercial !!!!

    I can't wait to see the commercial on TV. The trailer for Ford V Ferrari made me smile :)
  18. Guess the HP

  19. Calculating the HP from known 12psi Of Boost

    I'm just curious, is the reason Ford has worries about long term cat durability because their standards are tighter, or do the cats really last longer on Dodge engines? If it is the latter, is it because of running richer or leaner or does no one know?
  20. Iconic Silver GT500 at Daytona

    I'd like to know this also. Looks like iconic is a tad darker? I'm not sure. Wonder what the flake difference is as well.