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  1. Replaced Voodoo Engine

    I wonder if the number of catastrophic events has been significant enough to gain the attention of those that offer extended warranties. It seems that ESP's from Flood and the like have increased quite a bit for these cars.
  2. Jamal Hameedi goes to JLR

    I'm surprised as I hadn't seen it mentioned anywhere on this forum, but maybe I just missed it. Jamal Hameedi posted on his personal Instagram account about a week ago that he has left Ford Performance to be the Director of Engineering for SVO at Jaguar/Land Rover.
  3. Shadow Black 2019 Bullitt Mustang Spied

    No, it doesn't. The picture on Instagram taken by Mike Dean still showed 7400.
  4. Has the rpm red line/rev cut been increased ??

    I’m going to be a bit pedantic, it’s actually 7400.
  5. Has the rpm red line/rev cut been increased ??

    Not necessarily true, power band depends heavily on cams too. The GT probably has less aggressive cams.
  6. Tweaked...

    I like the windows. I do think the calipers need some color, maybe polished aluminum (or nickel like Brembo GTR calipers?) like McLaren does? Also needs euro headlights and some diode dynamics rear corner markers.
  7. 2020 GT500 TEASER

    Have you driven the latest generation of Porsche's PDK on a track? It's extremely satisfying.
  8. Bullitt Engine Pics - TT0018 at Atlanta

    Or the GT350 changed over to the 18+ architecture.
  9. Bullitt Engine Pics - TT0018 at Atlanta

    It sort of does, if you look closely there are two miniature covers, one on each side over the fuel rail components.
  10. Need for Green Official...

    It looks pretty much exactly like that in person. I'd love to see a 350 or 350R in this color with a black roof and no stripes.
  11. Is the 2019 Ford Mustang Order Guide Available?

    I would expect the Mustang B&O system to be even better than that. 12 vs 10 speakers and 1000 vs 750 watts.
  12. Cannot get Sync 3 to update

    :lol: Being a twat 7 posts in isn't likely to help your cause. It was a suggestion as you are more likely to get help there.
  13. Cannot get Sync 3 to update

    This needs to be moved to the multimedia/audio section.
  14. Ford reducing total platforms to 5, one RWD unibody, new Explorer will be RWD...

    No. It's supposed to be a direct competitor to the Wrangler, therefore there will be no 2wd variant at any trim level.
  15. 2019 GT350 order update

    I would expect them to add the Ford Performance Blue that is being introduced with the new Edge ST. Seems very similar to the blue shown on the GT350R NAIAS car.
  16. 481 HP for the Bullitt?

    On 15-17 cars. Less gain to be had on 18+
  17. 2018 Rev Matching

    In a similar vein but slightly more crude and limited in capability, Koenigsegg has been using a Cima gearbox in their Agera series cars that use an additional clutch pack to accelerate synchronization times on upshifts. [ame]...
  18. 481 HP for the Bullitt?

    If we're being picky it's actually closer to 482, but that's exactly what I came here to say anyways:thumbsup: