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  1. Virginia Pair of new Timken HA590577 Rear Wheel bearing / hubs $80

    Never used them. Brand new still in the box / plastic. Sitting in my shop. Shipping on buyer's dime. Rarely check these forums, email me at [email protected]. Check my other listings, will make a deal on everything for someone insterested. Located near Richmond, VA
  2. Virginia 2019 / 2017 OEM 6spd shifter setup + extras $85

    What you see is what you get. Complete OEM shifter assembly, boot etc from my 2019 Mustang GT. Had a few thousand miles on it when pulled. Also the OEM shifter from my 2017 Mustang V6. Will throw in an unopened Energy suspension shifter bushing for $10 Rarely on these forums so if you want...
  3. Virginia 2017 Mustang STOCK OEM Steering Wheel

    Pulled off my '17 Mustang with maybe 2K miles on it. All Mustangs are gone. $50 + shipping (roughly $20 via UPS).
  4. Virginia 2018-20 OEM Mustang GT Grille with emblem

    Pulled off my low mile '19 Mustang GT for an aftermarket grille. Mustang is gone. All clips intact, like new. $50 + the ride (shipping) - looks like UPS shipping will be around $28. Will only charge actual shipping costs.
  5. Virginia Love the Drive - Convertible Air Deflector $200

    https://www.lovethedrive.com/catalog/Ford/mustang-convertible-wind-deflector-fits-2015-to-2020 They describe it better than me. Great shape. Actually made a huge difference in my wife's ragtop. Mustangs are gone. Really don't want to ship it. Will be an annoyingly (and expensive to ship) big...
  6. Virginia JLT 3.0 Oil Separator pulled from '19 Mustang GT

    Pretty sure it fits '18-'22 GT Sold the Mustang. $100 shipped.
  7. Virginia AFE Drop in dry Filter #31-10255 Fits 2.3 / 3.7 / 5.0

    https://afepower.com/afe-power-31-10255-magnum-flow-pro-dry-s-air-filter Both Mustangs are gone. Ran it in my '17 V6, '19 GT and my wife's '17 EB Ragtop. No oil to mess with. Wash it and let it dry. Flows better than OEM as well. Cheapest I can find it new is $79. UPS / UPS are both...
  8. Virginia Ford Performance Toe links

    Knuckle Bearings SOLD https://performanceparts.ford.com/part/M-5972-M Brand new - never installed. No bolts. $45 shipped.
  9. 2018 Royal Crimson 6 speed Whipple - someone snap it up

    https://bozardford.com/sale/used-ford-mustang-gt-jacksonville-fl/2018-ford-mustang-gt-1fa6p8cf2j5102401 Looks a good deal. Whippled '18 Base 6 speed Royal Crimson for $33.9 - 23K miles
  10. GT Ford Performance 3.73 gears and Master Install Kit - NEW

    Both still in the box, brand new, never used. Been sitting in my shop. Car they were going in was sold. Cheapest I can find is $220 for the gears and another $130 for the install kit. I'd rather do a local sale (In Virginia near Richmond) but will ship if needed. I'd sell both for $250 +...
  11. Anybody near Richmond want to rent out Richmond Dragway?

    Of course I'm looking at early Spring. It would be a WEEKDAY. Date set well in advance. EIGHT vehicles maximum. Single lane, prepped, timing system etc in use. Roughly $165 per car for @ 6 hours of track time. 1/4 mile track located near Richmond International Airport.
  12. MGW Race Spec Shifter Install / Review

    A little background. I had a '17 V6 Mustang 6 speed. Ended up replacing the factory shifter with a Boomba shifter, added a Steeda trans mount insert bushing, installed an Energy Suspension shifter bushing and drained and filled with Royal Purple fluid. I was satisfied with how it shifted - no...
  13. Varrstoen ES1 wheels on a S550

    I remember seeing this thread: https://www.mustang6g.com/forums/threads/xxr-521-20x10-5-square-the-hunt-for-stance.64824/ Don't really want to go to a 20" setup, unless it ends up being the best choice to get the look I want. And while I have the SVE S350 19x10 setup on my '19 GT (swapped...
  14. Figured I'd share this here - Pretty Cool Metal Picture S550

    https://displate.com/displate/1263691 That's for the 2018-20. They also do 15-17 and GT350 etc. These are painted on metal. Quality is killer, I've bought other stuff from them.
  15. Virginia SOLD

    $275 SHIPPED These were on my '17 V6 car. Took them off when I traded the car in on my '19 GT. I bought brand new Ford OEM upper and lower intakes (would cost about $250 shipped for the pair now) and had them shipped to Gig's Performance Engineering and paid for the porting...
  16. For anyone thinking about doing the Steeda H-pipe on a 18-19 GT...

    Picked up a '19 GT 6 speed base a couple of weeks ago. Like many have mentioned, the stock exhaust does sound really good for a stock system. That being said, I saw and heard a '18 GT coming out of a gas station the week before I got my car....it sounded great. Not annoying, not raspy etc. After...
  17. 2017 key vs 2019 key - Unlocking Glovebox

    So my '17 V6 car I bought new had (2) key FOBs of course and came with a separate key that worked for the glove box. I regularly lock / unlock the glove box - so I bitched a bit when I realized that my new '19 GT didn't come with a separate key for the glove box. I have to remove the key from...
  18. Virginia SOLD

  19. Virginia SOLD

    Used this in my Sync 3 conversion in my '17 Base V6 car. Car is gone. Swapped my Sync 3 into my '19 GT - which does not need the harness, hub or cables. If you have a base 4" Sync setup in a 15-17 Mustang - you need all these to swap to Sync 3 with Carplay. GPS Antenna. You need this to replace...
  20. Enabling Drive Modes 2019 Base GT ???

    Just picked up a '19 Base GT 6 speed. Swapped in my Sync 3 conversion that I had installed in my '17 V6 car. Swap is much easier, no media hub or cables or harness needed. Everything plugged in, working fine. I made the changes for using the toggle switch for hazards - works fine. Steering...