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  1. Narrower rims for winter driving? Will these work?

    Considering purchasing a GT350 right now but I am a little confused if my current spare set of snow tires will fit. Yes, my potential GT350 would be seeing a light amount of snow at times. The GT350 has staggered setup to begin with; front 19x10.5 rims with 295/35/19 tires and rear 19x11 rims...
  2. Need Advice for Daily Driver: GT350 (Tech Pack) or 401A GT Premium

    Happy New Year to you all! Looking for your advice. 🤓 I currently have a convertible that I daily drive and have absolutely loved for the past 7 years that I owned it but have come around to wanting a coupe as I don't drive much with the top down any more. In the last year I have narrowed down...
  3. December 2022 Mustang Incentives

    Hey folks, does anyone know what the actual incentives are on a new Mustang right now? I can’t seem to find them on Ford’s website but I know they were suppose to announce the incentives beginning December 1st through the end of the year. Curious to know what the incentives are, if any.
  4. Differences between Canadian and US spec cars?

    I have been considering getting yet another mustang to add to my fleet but have been coming across a few interesting Canadian cars that were imported to the United States, so what’s the difference on the 6th gen 2015-2022 models? Anything we should look out for when considering an imported car...
  5. Festive Surprises

    Halloween is upon us, was thinking of getting a little festive and tossing some fake blood on the car for a spooky appearance. Anyone out there decorate their pony this way? Pics from the interwebs to draw attention: