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  1. Tried a different method/product to clean “leather” seats

    So I usually use griots 3 in 1 leather treatment on my leatherish seats and it works ok. Now my daughter rides horses and she has a saddle that’s worth more than my headers 😂 and she has a routine she uses to clean and condition her saddle so I decided to try that process on my seats. I was...
  2. Weathertec floormat cleaning

    What a difference a pressure washer and some deep cleaning does. Practicing on my ram interior.
  3. What’s it worth thoughts..

    Wrong model and not sure if the right place for this but was just looking for some thoughts. My buddy has a 2004 cobra, and he has been toying with the idea of selling it to get into a newer gt350 or power adder GT. Out of curiosity I looked around the interwebs for him and saw them going for...