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  1. Mach1 Open Track & HPDE

    Brakes do get very hot, and apparently the bearing assemblies themselves as well. They got hot enough to warp the plastic center caps that came with my aftermarket wheels. I'd recommend removing them for track use.
  2. New wheels on a new Mach 1. Need opinions please. TY

    Not a fan of the brightness especially with the very nice orange calipers. Use a darker wheel and let the rest of the car speak for itself.
  3. Knob misprint?

    Noticed this too, figured it was just for legibility from drivers position. More worrying is I only have 3k miles and there's already some fade in the pattern. I really like the feel though of the knob though.
  4. Is there supposed to be a tow hook in the trunk?

    Or just buy a nicer one at ZL1Addons.
  5. mattlqx track prep and adventures

    You have to unbolt most everything except the lower control arm if you're "hinging" it anyway. I reused all the various different bolts that connect to the knuckle. Didn't see anything that called out replacing those. I was using this chart for torque specs.
  6. mattlqx track prep and adventures

    Thanks, and congrats. Numbers should be correct as I'd expect your '23 to be the same as mine. Packs of 4 bolts; one pack per wheel. Tim notes that: One Point about these bolts, currently they are not available from Ford, clean the old ones and apply some thread locker and torque them to...
  7. High idle with tune?

    Everything is a part of the tune, including idle revs and rev matching. So if you want it adjusted, they'd have to do it for you (if its not just an off-the-shelf tune).

    It doesn't show up on models for the last few years. When I replaced my brake fluid and lines on my 2022, I went through this. Just did the normal bleed procedure, did a few hard stops from about 80mph to engage ABS, and rebled (which seemed unnecessary). Everything felt/feels normal even...
  9. 3D Printed Oil Filler Funnel

    Having just changed the oil in my Mach 1 this weekend, I'd love to have one of these.
  10. Well we be Shakin!

    Well, did it? 😄
  11. mattlqx track prep and adventures

    Yep. Did them with the hubs and also swapped to the locking pins for the front calipers. Lines and pins from OPMustang. And also swapped fluid to ATE 200. The stock pads were fine. Did many 135mph -> 40mph stops at the end of the straight last time out. No fade, I haven't taken off the pads to...
  12. Vorshlag Rear Tow Hook

    Definitely interested in the results of that.
  13. Non-disclosure of Mach 1 engine replacement by Dealer

    I would love to see the stats on number of people who buy a vehicle brand new, hold onto it for 30+ years and sell it at Barrett Jackson or similar auction with numbers matching announcement and receive significantly more than they would have if the engine was replaced when new.
  14. Pressure & Vac Guage Color

    The MyColor adjustment on the center gauges is with the headlights on only. They're blue when headlights are off. I remember thinking it was weird they weren't controlled by the ambient color instead of the primary color of the cluster and also sucks that it doesn't 100% match it.
  15. mattlqx track prep and adventures

    Thanks! Good question and hard to quantify since they were over 4 years apart and I haven't run any of the same tracks so I can't compare any sort of times. I think they're both great out of the box though. Having less horsepower isn't noticeable on the driving experience and I rather prefer...
  16. mattlqx track prep and adventures

    This combo weighs 47.2lbs front, 48.8lbs rear. 19x11" APEX VS-5RS (ET26 front, ET52 rear) Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 (305/30/19 front, 315/30/19 rear) So basically a wash between the couple pound lighter wheels and couple pound heavier tires. Should be nice and strong though!
  17. Non-disclosure of Mach 1 engine replacement by Dealer

    Couple thoughts: "New" is simply a car that has never been titled. That's all it means legally. One dealer pushing off responsibility seems weird but typical. I'd definitely get Ford corporate involved to tell whatever dealer you want to work with that they'll cover the warranty costs. At the...
  18. mattlqx track prep and adventures

    Sold my Handling Pack wheels and ordered another set of APEX wheels. Buyer didn't want the Cup 2 tires and I could use them for a legal tire for Time Attack, so I went with a set of spendy forged 19x11" VS-5RS. Different offsets so its not a "square" setup. Arrived today and they're already...
  19. How well will Mach 1's hold their value?

    The niche market for performance cars is relatively small, but the pool of available options is dwindling especially those with a manual available. I think they'll do just fine selling the Dark Horse. It's a Mach 1 carry-over feature-wise with a few additional driver assists and updated...
  20. Wait until after break in period to remove hydro carbon trap & switch air filter?

    So now that I look at, there's people with two different intakes here... GTs with the very obvious filter on the intake box and the Mach 1 with 350-style intake tube. What are we talking about for the trap on the Mach 1? The little odd shaped box hanging off of the tube?