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  1. Track fuel

    I’ve always ran 93 octane but headed to a track that only has 91 ethanol free and 110. Are either of these OK or should I just fill my jugs up with 93 before I go?
  2. Lug nut question

    I received a set of black West Coast Wheel Accessories lug nuts with my aftermarket wheels for my Mach 1. Didn’t like the black nuts on that car but was curious if they would be ok on the carbon fiber wheels given there is much less surface area actually contacting the wheel.
  3. Lemon value

    I’m looking at a 2021 CFTP with 100 miles. It’s a buyback from Ford. Carfax states long block was replaced due to tick and knock in motor. Car still has full factory warranty. What do you guys think the car is worth? They have it listed for 110k. Thanks
  4. FPRS Reception Dinner new location?

    Email I received today. What was the previous location?
  5. What am I?

    Cleaning under the car today and this fell out from the front passenger side fender well. Tried looking up the part number with no success. Guess I’ll rip the fender liner out and investigate. DG93-F022B53-AB
  6. CFTP Springs

    For those that have gone from the base springs to CFTP springs on the front - did you have the alignment checked after installation and was it still within spec? Also, did you recalibrate the magna ride sensors?
  7. Show me your race red

    Just purchased a 17 red GT and can’t decide on wheels. I like the stock look but not the 18’s that came on the car. What wheels do you guys have? Friend has a set of TSW that I tried on but not sure how I feel about them.