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  1. Whipple Pulley 4.250" 6 Rib Does It Clear the Gen5 3.0L on 15-17 GT

    car has a 10rib setup, its currently tuned for only e85 and i have a 20% lower, ive run it with a 3.5 pulley and it makes 18.36lbs….my area its hard to get e85 so inwanna run pump gas, the shop i deal with suggested just for street use and light dury try a 6 rib because they also saw both a...
  2. Whipple Pulley 4.250" 6 Rib Does It Clear the Gen5 3.0L on 15-17 GT

    im trying to determine if a 6 rib 4.250 pulley will fit on my gen5 3.0l 17gt. probably not done much or ever but i cannot see anything bigger then a 4.00' in the install guides boost chart on last page of my kits instructions, i googled and weir racing shows it and whipples own site actually...
  3. The whipple wait

    Ive a Brand New 2018-22 Stage 2 Tuner Kit with the 132mm Tbody, dont have the car to install it on anymore, my kit was unboxed but is new in all the plastic wrapping, if anyone wants my kit i want $7000 and for that ill include shipping. its at my mechanics on his shelf, left it there and was...
  4. The whipple wait

    anyone wants a 2018+ mustang gt stage 2 tuner kit, i have one, i bought it then ended up selling the csr it was gonna go on, its not in the original boxes but its brand new in the plastic packaging. im open to reasonable offers….
  5. Maybe Im Blind? Where is the Drag Wheel Pic Thread?

    If there is an existing Drag Wheel Pics Thread please send link, If Not let this be the start of one. Thanks
  6. Can I see your 285/35/19 + 325/30/19 setups. (Or similar)

    345/30/19 and 285/35/19 Michelin PS4S
  7. Driveshaft Shop Products SUCK!

    ive broken 2 sets of 2000hp halfshafts in 2 different cars weigjing 4000lb making 950 wheel, ive had about 6-7 driveshafts all bibrate in many different cars....my last 2 driveshafts purchased from them i sent to a local driveline shop to check balance before install both out nearly 2...
  8. VMP Odin

    My Odin is on, It made 904 SAE, only shitty thing is it goes into fail safe mode p2119 codes at WOT....i have the VMP 163R Tbody, I have a Twin 69 on the way, prolly lose some power vs the Mono but if it cures the P2119 Code then ill live with a few less ponies....

    tires are 28" front sportsman Sr and rear are 315/50/17 et street r, this is the drag setup
  10. Lund Ngauge Question

    not to hijack but can a Lund Ngauge be reset back to an HP Tuners Ngauge?
  11. 10r80 SUCKS!

    ^^^sorry i disagree, you can throw way more power at a 6r80 because there are ways to build it to hold power....right now there is no way to build a 10r80 to hold power....other then a few lucky cars....what kinda trans has a week 1:1 gear? 1:1 in a 10r80 is 7th and it cant hold power to the...
  12. 10r80 SUCKS!

    Ok so you have had success with LPF building you a strong 10r80 Trans and maybe thats why people are frustrrated with the fact that NOBODY can get hold of them with any consistancy other then fellow buddies that that they deal with....if what they can do for themselves and come on here and boast...

    just put welds on mine :)
  14. 10r80 SUCKS!

    well said, and after the lack of courtesy ive recieved i dont care if they build a 10r80 that holds 2000hp, Ive dealt with enough shops in my time to know who i will work with and who i wont....these forums are a productive way of weeding out all the big talkers vs all the talkers that can...
  15. VMP Odin

    I ordered an Odin 2 days ago after I heard about 8-10 weeks wait for Whipples. If it performs like it does on Stangmodes car then Im fine im just looking for a Mid 9 sec reliable car especially with the 10r80 not being able to take much more IMO. I dont care about all the Drama, Whipple would...
  16. Blower wait times for delivery?

    i was gonna order a new whipple for my 2020 but i may go with the eddelbrock, they work just as well.....had one already with the base stage 1 kit on my former 2019 and added tbody upgrade...car went 9.9 on the stage 1 pulley, made 650 on 93 and 715 on e85 i was happy with the 9.9 at 142
  17. 10r80 SUCKS!

    no its bone stock virgin trans, got it out of a hit 2019 with literally 600 miles on the clock....I had intended to build it and have as a ready to go spare....