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  1. Part to connect Corsa double helix to oem axle back

    Yes, just a simple 3"to 2.5" adapter, and some clamps. That's what I've got on my car. I used a bit of exhaust putty too to make sure there were no leaks
  2. Mustang 6th gen RPM drops with ENG stops

    My car is the same. How hard is it to change the solenoids? If it doesn't require re-timing then I might get my mechanic to just do it
  3. budget drag wheel and tire setup, check this out.

    MR135 in the 17x9.5 +45 fit perfectly, no modifications to stock brakes
  4. Enabling line lock via ELM327 problem

    No launch control on autos On topic, I use a wired reader with switch, hooked up to my laptop
  5. Going Ported Cobra Jet manifold on my 2018 Mustang GT A10

    In this pic it looks like the silicone coupler is overlapping the MAF location in the tube, not sealing fully. May be the angle of the pic too but the blocking plate doesn't look quite flush? Could it have been a vac leak there maybe
  6. OTR CAI

    yeah it was like $750AUD, roughly $500USD. Welcome to Australia's Mustang tax
  7. OTR CAI

    This is the shop in Sydney that was doing them. It's based off the VCM OTR intake for commodores/chevy SS. It's a no tune intake though so no real hp increase
  8. budget drag wheel and tire setup, check this out.

    Summit have the MR133 available. Can't 100% confirm they fit though. If I were in the US I would've taken the chance and bought them to test, but since I'm in aus I didn't want double international shipping lol
  9. Ford Power Pack Stg 1 to PBD Tune - Problems

    I'm not able to load the stock file from the "load stock" location on the ngauge. I had to load the stock file into the custom tune folder and then load it from there.
  10. Car will not stay running

    When you loaded the flex tune and started the car up, was the car already warm or was it a cold start? I had an issue once on my 16 where I went from E85R to flex, and then did a cold start. Because it was on E85 it didn't want to start first time (ambient temp was cold), so it stalled and that...
  11. Going Ported Cobra Jet manifold on my 2018 Mustang GT A10

    Why the aversion to taking the rear seats out? It's 3 bolts, takes 5 minutes to do. Takes me 15 minutes to do passenger and rears. Sounds cool though, interested to see results. Did you ever run the car at the track with the ported 18 mani?
  12. Aussie spec GT 1/4 mile

    I'm using Motegi MR135 17x9.5+45, I bought the tyres off ebay. I think the tyres came from Rocket Industries but can't remember exactly. Wheels I ordered from Showster, they had to order them from the states. The setup cost me $1150
  13. Aussie spec GT 1/4 mile

    the 275/40r17 ET street Rs that I use seem to be doing the trick. Any more than simple bolt ons and I think the 305/45r17 would be a better option though
  14. Window Tint Thread

    18% all round, nothing on windscreen. Don't wanna give the cops an excuse to pull me over
  15. Magnaflow 12469 resonated x pipe install--home built

    You’re useless, I have to do everything. Here’s the vid. The inside necks down to a perforated single 3” like the other diagram https://flic.kr/p/2hC79Pb
  16. Magnaflow 12469 resonated x pipe install--home built

    @Burkey maybe you can share the pic you took looking through the resonator?
  17. Aussie Exhausts

    Depends if it meets up to the catback, or if it's too short (which most headers are unless they have the direct connect extensions). If it's too short then you can just have some additional pipe slip onto the connection pipe but bolt on to the catback - like a collector extension
  18. Aussie Exhausts

    Haha all good. I've done the opposite, bought xforce headers to mate up to my Corsa x pipe. Definitely prepared to hack the connection pipe from the headers though, seems easiest to cut and clamp some additional 3" pipe. If you're not prepared to hack then I'd just take it to an exhaust shop...
  19. Aussie Exhausts

    TSP don't make a RHD header last time I checked
  20. First full send down 1/4 mile of my PBO (Partial Bolt-On) 19 GT...

    I'm also curious to see the JLT mods. I try to keep my bonnet open as long as possible, but the IATs rise pretty quick as soon as it's shut