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  1. Need help with grille emblem options

    I’m trying to select a grille emblem when I get the cervinis grille and would like to know what you all think? 1 - gunmetal howler 2 - orange howler 3 - orange howler badge 4 - ruby howler badge 5 - gunmetal howler 6 - stock blackout pony 7 - California special 8 - blackout California special
  2. Quiet Mode Cold Startup for 4$

    About a year ago I got the Ford Performance by Borla Sport and never had issues with the loud startup. That was until we had our first child and her bedroom is directly above the garage. When they say never wake a sleeping baby, they mean it. NEVER WAKE A SLEEPING BABY! So, instead of spending a...
  3. Need Opinions! What ghost stripes should I do?

    Hey all, I was inspired by a post I saw using Xpel Stealth to do ghost stripes. So I worked up a few quick renderings of some ghost stripe options. I could use your help on what you think looks the best. https://www.mustang6g.com/forums/threads/poor-mans-ghost-stripes.106061/ I originally had...
  4. Need help deciding a Catback Exhaust!

    Hey all, I have a 2019 GT convertible and am on the fence whether or not to do the Ford Performance by Borla sport version (maybe too quiet) or the extreme option. I'm concerned with having a vert the extreme maybe too loud with the top down but really want a nice agressive tone. Also, I have...
  5. Need help! Caliper color for Orange Fury.

    I have three options I am trying to decide on and am leaning towards the dark red or burgundy but wanting to know what you all think? Below are photoshopped images with the color options.