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  1. Is this brake pad still enough for another track day?

    I've been using this stock brake pads over the past three track days n last year, but I'm not sure if it's still enough for another track day. It would be great if anyone who's more experienced could tell whether it need to be changed before next track day. Thanks a lot!
  2. How capable is OEM brake pad on the race track?

    I'm going to bring my gt350 to a big local race track (Area 27) for the first time. Since it's my first experience with stock brake pad with any cars, I'd like to ask how capable is stock brake pad on the track days. Besides, does anyone used Hawk DTC60 on Shelbys? Thanks guys :like: :like:
  3. Anyone running square setup?

    Considering getting a new set of wheels with the 19x11 square setup with 305tires, but couldn't find much information through searching. Can anyone share your wheel spec with square setup? Much appreciated.:like:
  4. Is it possible to put Mach1 auto rev matching on GT350?

    Hi guys! I do enjoy heel and toe downshifting myself, but after drive my friends Porsche GT cars and Camaro 1LE I wanted auto rev-matching feature, since it really can help me to focus more on braking and racing lines. So I'm wondering if its possible to put Mach1's auto rev matching feature on...
  5. Does anyone running 19x11 square setup?

    Hi, guys. I'm planning to get a new set of wheels for the next summer and considering the square setup to save some money. Does anyone have suggestions on the square setup? Thanks!:like:
  6. Does anyone know the total production number of GT350 over the years

    Hi guys, I just upgraded from GT to GT350 a month ago. I'm just curious what is the total production over the past 5 years since it might affect the car's future value.
  7. need help finding part number

    I accidently broke clip of this bazel while changing shifter. Does anyone know whats part number of this piece!? much appreciated!!
  8. want 2018 edgeless rear view mirror

    Does anyone know where to get 2018 edgeless rear view mirror for early s550 model? thanks!:cheers:
  9. need suggestion on suspension setup for COMFORTABLE ride quality?

    now I have h&rspring and steeda adjustable shocks. I love the performance improvement on the race track, but now I dont plan to race it anymore. After last winter there were tons of potholes on the road, and ride quality got even worse than before. do you guys have any suggesions on suspension...
  10. Painted my brake calipers

    I did my first "ricer mod"- paint caliper. the result was surprising so I wanted to share it.
  11. BEST ET for 19*9.5 square setup

    Hi guys, I'm planning to buy konig dekagram wheesl. Just wondering what offset with 19*9.5 quare setup, and they offset with 25 and 35. Thank you guys!:cheers:
  12. 2018 keyfob for 2015 model, is it possible?

    I cracked one of my key and another one starts to peeling off, then thinking about get 2018 key for my 15 model. Anyone have tried yet? :cheers:
  13. Need help! autolamp malfuncioning.

    :doh::brokenheart: I noticed my auto headlight is always on no matter if its day or night. I've changed the autolamp sensor, but problem didn't solved. I'm not sure if its because accidently changed wrong data of FORSCAN BCM. Can any one share the stock BodyCM numbers with screenshot...
  14. My foglights work like daytime running light. Anyway to cancel It?

    I noticed that not everyone's mustang foglight work as daytime running light. Does anyone know is it all the same for Canadian spec mustang or just mine? Thank you guys!;)
  15. HOW make start up sounds better?

    I have FRPP Catback on my mustang, and loved the tone very much. but now I feel the startup sounds isnt that decent after I heard start up sounds of my friends new ss 1le and some other v8 cars, and really trying to find a way to make it sounds better. 1LE sounds like reved up when the just...
  16. BLACK ROOF VINVL wrap on magnatic grey, worth it?

    :D Hi guys, I'm thinking about wrapping roof in black on my grey mustang for sleeker look. but I'm also concern about will it make obvisou visual difference? Need some ideas from you guys.
  17. 19x9.5,et35 square setup, will it work?

    Hi, guys. I'm thinking about going to square setup with 19x9.5,et35 from factory pp stagerd setup. I'm not looking really looking for extreme stance, but hope it will looks better than the stock. Really like to hear some ideas from you guys. :cheers:
  18. do I need get wheel alignment after swapping LCA bearing?

    do I need get wheel alignment after swapping LCA bearing? thank you guys:cheers::cheers:
  19. tuning stock car... worth it?

    Hey guys. My car only has only K&N filter and Ford Racing catback exhaust, and thinking about tune it without adding other parts. What Im looking for is only low end torque, betther throttle response and no lift shift if possible, and don't really care about the peak number. I don't know...
  20. body shop abused my mustang, what should I do now?

    my mustang span out of track and scratched by tirewall , so I took it to a local body shop a couple days ago. I picked up my car from body shop today, and I checked my dashcam later today after came home and found my car was abused.:mad: Should I call the police, or ask them for compensation...