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  1. MLB Post Season 2021

    Any of you watching post season baseball? Nat's aren't in it but I'm still watching. Happy to see the Red Socks leave the Yankees behind! Go Braves!
  2. Drink, Drank, Drunk...What are you all drinking tonight?

    Post up your drinks, things you drank, then let's have some fun drunken conversations. I'm keeping it simple with some Camarena tequila tonight. Watching some movies: Sibera, now Poison Rose.
  3. Couldn't Go Into Reverse - 2020MY

    Sorry if this is a dead horse thread, but most of what I found was on the '15-'17s. Car was in the garage for a couple days. When I tried to take it out I couldn't shift into reverse. I could push the lever about halfway, felt resistance and went back to neutral. Shifted into other gears fine...
  4. Your Other Hobbies

    Curious about what others are doing with their spare time that isn't car related.