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  1. GT500 Toolkit

    Does anyone have the Ford part number off of the toolkit? I want to see if I can order one through Ford. My car came with the owners kit sans toolkit 😢 Thanks!
  2. Door Cup Handle Part number needed

    I am trying to find the part number for the door cup handles for the GT350. I found the ones for the standard mustang but i know the color is different for the GT350s. Here is the standard: https://www.tascaparts.com/oem-parts/ford-cup-handle-fr3z6322635aa Anyone have a part number? I need...
  3. Rattling noise when pushing in clutch at low speeds

    Good Morning, Since i purchased this car with 4400 miles (now at 10k) i have noticed a rattling sound when engaging the clutch at low speeds (under 20mph). It is very noticeable especially when the windows are down and sometimes sounds like someone is dropping cans out of the car. I have...
  4. Wheel locks

    Can anyone tell me what brand of wheel locks these are? Was having calipers painted and just found out it has locks on it 😬
  5. Shelby Brake Reservoir Cover

    Hi all. I received my cover today and I was pretty disappointed with the finish quality. I guess I should have looked at the website pictures a little closer (they show the same flaws). Just wondering if they are all like this? Thanks!
  6. 2018 Stock Clutch Spring Assist and Perch Part number

    Good Morning, I have owned my GT350 since october and got it at 4700 miles. Love the car and have read tons on it. Clutch always felt a little different and so was thinking of going the steeda route. Since the beginning i have noticed that the pedal wouldnt come all the way out on a cold start...
  7. Seatbelt door jam damage

    This is probably something we’ll known but I hadn’t seen a vehicle do this before. After accidentally shutting the door on the seatbelt (not very hard either) I got a couple of love marks. The first time it happened I didn’t realize what caused it and I touched it up. This time I noticed it and...
  8. Caliperfexion Studs with extenders Availability

    Looking at purchasing a set but their website hasnt listed them in weeks. Just curious if anyone knows what is going on with them? Second question: saw a video mentioning the stainless was probably not the way to go because of seizing. Is this true? Thanks in advance.
  9. Bobs Machine Oil Separator - Rubbing Underside of Hood

    Hey Guys, Purchased my 2018 GT350 with a bobs separator already installed. Love how this thing looks and from what I’ve read the build quality is one of the best. The problem: on the passenger side the nut (in picture) rubs slightly on the underside of the hood and is causing wear on the nut...
  10. Resonator deleted?

    Good morning! got a first look under my new to me gt350 today. Looks like I might have a resonator delete. Can y’all confirm and maybe identify which pipes I have? (Sorry if this is a dumb question) thanks!