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  1. What would any of you be willing to pay for a 19 pp2??/

    Tech package, premium sound, around 48k miles... No wrecks, probably a 8.9/10
  2. Chasing driveline noise

    I have a driveline noise that is most likely, carrier bearing noise or maybe pinion. It's more noticeable on decel but it's kind of always there. Considering if I shift hard I can get a clunk, got me thinking bad center bearing?? Dead silent clutch in or neutral. Doesn't change with turning, no...
  3. Best wax product

    There was a thread in here somewhere that took me into a deep rabbit hole. The product (i thought) was called angel something and its about $150 and all the samples i saw were awesome (mostly vettes) My car is a daily and for me its not worth having the car coated (even know eventually i will)...
  4. Xenon Bulb life

    I need to double check my height alignment, but I think my bulbs might be dying. Any way to check if theyre failing? I'll also add, i can have the high beams on, no one will flash theirs at me. Which kinda sounds like a girl i used to know, but anyway
  5. Rear brakes dragging

    New oe pads, and rotors. They've been dragging from get go. Not enough to matter, but you can hear them when you go by a fence or wall. Just enough scuffing, to trigger my ocd Only thing I can think MAYBE is parking brake over adjusted, but wouldn't that eventually wear enough to stop at some...
  6. Tuning issue open loop vs closed loop

    My car is a real pain on open loop (cold operation) idles just fine, but drivability until I reach 190 cht. Isnt great. It'll stumble, buck, and generally runs like a cold carb vehicle. With the factory TB on the 350 mani its there but not as bad. With the 350 tb is much more pronounced. Is...
  7. Differential rebuild and gearing question

    I am either going to buy a complete rear section drop out, or an empty dif. I have never done a rear gear setup but Im willing to do it. Besides obvious tools and proper torque wrenches and i know I need a beam style to check pre-load. What other tools should i have to do the job? Should i...
  8. Deceleration noise

    The noise began when I changed the rear brakes (or noticed) I swapped OE and new discs in and the noise mostly went away. I overall have a fair amount of nvh, not stupid loud but noticeable. I just did the brakes a week ago and I may tear the passenger side apart again and be sure I have the pad...
  9. Post cat o2's and tune

    So for a long time I've had cat inefficiency cel, and I corrected that today. No more cel As far as I know there should NOT be any difference with the way the engine runs, as far as what the post cat o2's say. My car pulls HARDER now, since clearing the codes. Any explanations?
  10. Shifter support bracket recommendations

    I had it in mind to get the full tilt, but I dont see it on their website. Any recommendations?
  11. Rear wheel wells cleaning

    How do you guys clean the fiber wheel wells in the rear? No matter what i do, when im done its still dirty. Side question: Refinishing front plastic wheel well liners, which product?
  12. Light weight oe style wheels

    I'd like 19" pp1 or 2 wheels light weight and accommodate 305 fronts and 315 rears, without sidewall stretch or spacers. I'd rather not break the bank either. Any recommendations?
  13. A bang or thud when hard shifting

    Ive had my car for about 10 months love it. Ive always wondered and noticed no matter what ive done to the car (suspension wise) that when i bang a gear if I dont break a tire loose, it "thuds" in a shift. It's not violent, and you dont "feel" anything but just hear a "bang" or "thud" Is this...
  14. So my area of the state now has troopers in s550's

    And while I thought i was in mexico, apparently i had crossed back into the states in a 55 mph zone, while doing 80. Ran by a trooper.. As it turns out he was a cool guy, and verbally corrected my error in judgement. Before he walked away from my window he said " btw I think mine might be...
  15. Tapping noise in fuel pump area at cold start

    Week or 2 ago we had some cold mornings (40s) and I noticed a tapping noise, at random intervals, then went away. Yesterday I had the seat on that side down on start up and heard it and I was 80. I'd guess a relay? Anyone else heard this or have any idea what it is?
  16. First real cold air of the season

    Today is the first day here in NW Fl to have real "cold" air. AIT's averaging in the 50's, ambient was around 40 this morning, what a fast trip to the gym lol I bought my car in march but done a bunch of work to it but average AIT'S in the 120's ish, so while ive appreciated the car and its...
  17. Brand new wheel bearing bad, or something else?

    Ive always had a slight decel whine, which ive accepted as just nature of the beast. About a month ago I still had one wheel bearing to replace on the car, so finally got around to swapping it. Did about 700 mi road trip and noticed some noise but nothing substantial, but now I do notice the...
  18. Lth mini cats

    Anyone know how many db's mini cats may cut, vs lth+test pipe connection? I have catted pypes + resonator + 2 cheer mufflers. I like the sound/volume but I can't help but think/hear a "stuffiness" most likely from restriction with the... ya know 🐱 I intend to go FI in the very near future
  19. So I changed my battery today

    Everything always been fine. I had the car serviced last week and they did a load test and it was into the 4's somewhere and I blew them off. Today I opted to go to the dealer and buy a battery. I had a coupon where they almost gave me the thing, so why not. I took the batter home put it on the...
  20. Centri sleeper

    I am purchasing a G3 kit. I have zero experience with centri's and would prefer to keep it quiet as possible. I know most everyone just vents the bov to atmosphere, is there/has anyone done anything else to squash the blow off noise? Im just trying to get my complete parts list together.